Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Online Banking Options

For some, banking is far easier thanks to the internet. For others, if they're technologically challenged, or dumb criminals, online banking options won't fix their problem:

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Tammara Garland


report scam said...

sometime back there was a website called greenzap, they claimed giving cash for referrers. I made lot of efforts and was able to generate more than $200 e-cash which is shown on their website. After sometime the website was closed. I did not get the actual money.

Money Illusions said...

Hello ReportScam,
I guess that's why they called their site 'GreenZap' - they would zap the greenbacks. I'm not familiar with what their site was about, other than it was supposed to be an alternative to PayPal in some way. Thanks for sharing your experience.