Social Security Imposter Scam Calls

Did you receive a robocall claiming to Represent Social Security?

The Social Security Scam is on the rise! I decided to write about this today since I myself received one of the robocalls.

What was the robocall message? This is the robocall I received:

Keep in mind there are variations of the scam. The robocall pre-recorded message stated; 
"This is the Social Security Administration. We're calling because we noticed suspicious activity pertaining to your social security number. Press 1 to speak to a representative."
No reply from me on those types of calls! I simply hung up!

If the message is a robocall canned spiel, you know it's a scam - lol.
Scam Call Recipient

Why we know it's a scam:
  1. Some state laws prohibit robocalls, including where I reside, so obviously Social Security would not attempt to use robocall. The method was the first indication it was a fraudulent call.
  2. The phone number from the caller ID is not a match to the Social Security Administration. The number on my caller ID was from area code 760.
  3. Area code 760 matches the area code the FTC has indicated that others have reported receiving the calls from. Keep in mind that doesn't mean the call actually originated from that area.
  4. The goal of the money con artist is to trick people into revealing their Social Security number provides money con artist's the ideal tool to commit identity theft!
Another version of the SSA scam is more detailed than the call I received. The FTC has reported the following about the Social Security Scam:
Canned Spiel
Money Con Artist
"SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards. Anyone who tells you to do those things is a scammer. Every time."
For more information, head on over the the FTC to learn more about the money con artists Social Security scam. The FTC also has an actual recording to learn from!

Note: Only days after publishing this article the FCC is now allowing phone companies to block robocalls by use of analytics - before they reach our phones! A good change in a positive direction.