Word of the Week: Scam

200 Best Work from Home Jobs for 2019

Wow! 200 work from home jobs for 2019!

Yes, the possibilities are out there!

What are they, and how can you find them?

If I were to attempt to cover a list that long I would be researching and gathering all of that data to the end of 2019! Then it would be too late to post that article! That wouldn't help you!

The best I can do this year is to point you in the right direction to the screaming content already out there!

As always, do your homework with due-diligence in order to determine the best opportunity for you!

#1. 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2019:
If there are at least 100 top companies offering remote jobs, then that means there are 100+ job opportunities from that resource alone! Be sure to check out FlexJobs for those opportunities. As they have in the past, they provide a terrific source for work from home remote telecommuting jobs!

#2. 75 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for 2019!
Probably the most comprehensive list as far as details and types of positions. From Admin Jobs, Writing Content Opportunities, Educational Teaching Positions, Graphic Design, Audio Video Opportunities, and many more - the list goes on! You must check out "I've Tried That" with their long detailed list!

That's 175 opportunities, so where is the other 25 to total 200 of the best work from home jobs for 2019? I'll do better than that! Because, here's another resource offering 50:

#3. 50 Legit Companies that Hire Home Workers in 2019:
For freelance news and homeworking opportunities, check out HomeWorking Club's exhaustive list of possibilities to locate your work from home position.

There you go! The list of 200 225 Work from Home Jobs for 2019!

I increased the list to 225, even though my article was going to share only 200. I chose to do that, assuming there may be some over-lapping companies, or opportunities - essentially providing you a bonus of 25 more possibilities to check into!

Again, always do your own homework as you pursue the right opportunity.

Be sure the offer is asking you to jump through the normal hoops.

That's one way you can determine if a position is legitimate vs a scam.

Kids Earn Cash Money - Is it a Scam?

Some refer to it as, 'Kids Earn Cash' or as, 'Kids Earn Money'. What I found is this site: 'Kids Earn Cash'. The online search results brought up their site snippet which states:
"Kids Earn Cash lets you turn your social media profiles into money. Start earning thousands a month by promoting on social media."

What is "Kids Earn Cash"or"Kids Earn Money"? Is it a scam?

To claim that anyone (adult, teen, or kid) can: 'Start earning thousands a month by promoting on social media.' immediately brings questions of concern.

Is it just me, or does it seem to be an exaggerated claim?

Yes, one can make money from Social Media, but the fact they claim 'thousands a month' - from the get-go? They used the word, "Start" which implies you could earn those thousands relatively quickly.

Unfortunately a 'kid' or teen would be the most vulnerable to jumping into action with that offer!
Image from Google Search

My first pick of investigation was to head to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and already there are many complaints posted.

However, complaints are not posted under the name 'Kids Earn Cash'. What comes up from the BBB is: "Kids Earn Money LLC" with over 30 complaints - already!

The domain for that complaint is posted on the BBB as "kidsearnmoney".co, and it would take more research to determine the connection.

The complaints listed had a common denominator: When the members attempted to collect on their earnings, there were problems with being able to do so.

Going further into research you would find many sites reporting the names "KidsEarnCash" and "KidsEarnMoney" as the same business.

When I found the site "kidsearncash" .com my attempt to click through resulted in a 'redirect' so I backed out as my browser stalled at the redirect notification. Therefore, I chose to not visit the website.

Do your research before you jump in! And as always: If it seems to be too good to be true it probably is!

Protect your kids and teens by educating them so they too can learn how to identify scams!

You may wish to watch this video about "KidsEarnCash" .com:

Work From Home Training Program Scam vs Legitimate Offer

Are you looking for work from home jobs with a training program?

Before you accept an offer, determine if it's a scam, or legitimate!

Let's compare the traits of both:

Work From Home Jobs with a Legitimate Training Program:

  • Experience and/or special skills will most likely be required.
  • A specific level of education/degree will be required.
  • The offer clearly specifies the job requirements and expectations.
  • An interview is required.
  • No payment is required for their training program or manual.
  • They will pay for your time during training.

Work From Home Training Program Scams:

  • No experience or special skills required.
  • No interview is required.
  • The entire process is too easy and offered to anyone.
  • Payment is required for the work from home program or manual.
  • You may, or may not receive an actual training manual.
If you do receive a training manual or so-called program from a scam offer, what is the manual that you might receive?

There are different versions of the scam. If you do actually receive a training manual in return for payment, it may be that they figure it will reduce their chance of being reported.

The manual or training information may be nothing more than instructions for how you can advertise and sell the same work from home manual or program, which is selling - nothing of value!

As you search for a legitimate work from home aka, 'remote' or  'telecommuting' position, play it safe!

Never send money for training materials to someone claiming to be a prospective employer.

A legitimate employer will not require you to pay for training materials or manual.

The work from home training program scam is one you can easily avoid!

One final point:

There are legitimate e-books offering tips with how to search and find legitimate work from home opportunities. This article isn't about legitimate guides.

Those e-books may be offered free, or they may be an e-book requiring purchase.

Take the time to learn the differences with offers so you can move forward into a positive direction.

Head on over to the FTC to learn more about work from home training program scams.