Annuity: Word of the Week

Annuity: Word of the Week
Other words for annuity: Allowance, allotment, subsidy, pension, quota, grant, share, ration, stipend, support.

Money Smart Educational Solution

Money Smart educational solution is a great resource, plus it's free!

This personal finance educational resource may provide a greater defense to build a healthier financial future. And, it can serve well to educate your young adult children about money matters. But wait, it isn't just for kids!

Have you stopped by the FDIC's site to learn all you can about money from their computer-based training? It's a great resource for personal education, and again it's free!
Free Financial Education

Their program can increase a person's knowledge about banking, acquiring a home mortgage etc. They are free to use and can be accessed from the Internet at any time.

The description of their program as stated from the FDIC:
Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction provides financial education for Adults and Young Adults. The training covers topics such as the basics of borrowing money wisely, using a spending plan to achieve financial goals, and how to use banking products effectively.
Stop on over and run through their Money Smart program.

Phishing Trip Cancelled!

Did you receive a spoof email for a work from home scam?

Unfortunately, most do! It's important to recognize the traits of a spoof!

One day after receiving one myself, I snooped around their website, and after reading all the details of the work from home job description, I determined it was not that at all. No surprise! 

What was their phishing email advertising?

A work from home opportunity scam, which was actually a front for a money laundering operation!

When I had more time the following morning, I decided to look again at their website. 👀

My plan was to gather more information and report it, but the site had already been taken down! Someone else must have reported their site.

The money con artists phishing trip had been cancelled! 😎

Phishing Money Laundering Scam

An actual example of a money con artists money laundering scheme - posing as a work from home opportunity!

After receiving a spoof phishing email, I knew I wanted to warn others!

Upon investigation I discovered the following:
  • The spoof phishing email was using a legitimate well-known, career website name, but the links in the email belonged to a different site.
  • The email didn't reveal enough details, so it could have easily fooled many!
  • Their work from home opportunity scam, was nothing more than a front. The money con artists actual goal was to recruit unaware worker-bees as the resource to launder money!
  • One would have to dig deeper to reveal it was really a mask for money laundering.
How can one determine it was money laundering? For starters: The false front they were hiding behind had many red flags!⚑⚑⚑
  1. Let's take a look at their actual work from home recruiting email.
  2. Then break it down to understand why it was money laundering.
As mentioned above, the spoof phishing email was posing as a well known internet career site, complete with their logo!

Money Laundering Con Artist Work from Home Scam
It's important to understand that the email was a spoof - posing as the legit career site, but was not!

I reported the spoof email to the legit career site whose logo and trademark had fraudulently been used.

This is the actual money laundering con artist's email I received, but with their *business name changed - to stress my point: 🙃

"*The Money Laundering Group Inc., is a leading venture capital firm. With over 550 million in committed capital under management, the firm's partners have invested in 150 companies that are leaders in their industry categories.
We are seeking self-motivated, goal-oriented individuals that wish to earn as much as their spare time permits. No experience necessary. We offer financial aid to help you create and manage your own business and will provide motivating opportunities.
General qualifications including owning and ability to use an Internet-ready PC; ability to work in a high-energy speedy team environment, and the dedication to create your own success in a fast-paced challenging career.
Basic banking knowledge is a plus, though not required.
In return for your commitment you'll receive unlimited commission, excellent benefits and growth potential.
For consideration please email resume to: (email address omitted)
Or view our website at:" (website url omitted)
Investigating the spoof phishing email:

Identity Theft Traced by Her Tracks

Breaking news!

First the bad news...

Identity theft isn't going to disappear any time soon! So safeguard your identity every day!

No need to say the ultimate goal is to catch the money con artists before they do more damage.

Now the good news...

Identity theft inspector
A shopping spree led law enforcement directly to this thief!

How did they catch her? They tracked down her designer shoes, - why of course - lol.

It's a dumb criminal story, so you'll want to be sure to read how law enforcement traced the identity theft tracks, which led to the thief!

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