Employment Security Clearance Fees for Top Secret Clearance

Should You Pay for Top Secret Clearance?

  • Searching for employment can be difficult, and especially during difficult economic times, and even more so if you live in a remote area.
  • The stress of being unemployed and needing to resolve that challenge can make us vulnerable to offers that are not legitimate offers of employment.
Some positions for the Government, Department of Defense, and for businesses that contract with the military may require Security or Top Secret clearance.

Companies and recruiting agencies may promise to complete the process of obtaining Security Clearance for you, but beware!
Top Secret Job Clearance.

Top Secret Security Clearance Secrets:

  • Do your homework in regards to the position you are applying for!
  • Research - 'who' the the entity is that you submit your application to!
  • Be on the alert to potential bogus employment offers, including those that promise to obtain your Top Secret or DOD security clearance for a fee
  • A legitimate offer of employment, which requires a DOD and/or Top Secret clearance, will not ask you for a fee.