How to Enroll in Credit Card Opt Out

Credit cards provide convenience, but they can also become the worst debt accumulation tool to work against you! If it's bothersome to you, this information will quickly inform you on how to enroll in the credit card opt out service!

The more credit cards a person has, it also increases the risk of identity theft. The opportunity to make use of the Credit Card Opt Out service can reduce your chances of identity theft.

Enrollment into the opt out service can also serve as a way to help reduce the temptation of applying for yet another credit card! The less offers in the mail, the less temptation to get another card!

Credit card companies and insurance companies pre-screen credit worthiness to determine who they want to send pre-approved applications.

The better your credit, the more likely you'll receive lots of those offers, which you may not want.

Credit Card Opt Out is Free!
The more credit card offers you potentially have coming in your mail, the higher risk of identity theft you potentially face.

Do you wish to reduce the amount of credit card or insurance offers you receive in the mail?

Stick around for a bit longer, as the info is just below!

How to Enroll in the Credit Card Opt Out program:

I've made it easier for you to do so by providing the link to the FTC, which is where you can access the enrollment for the credit card opt out service.

Receiving prescreened insurance and credit card solicitations in the mail frequently, can be quite annoying, so now is your chance to change that!

If you enroll in the credit card opt out program, you'll soon have less junk mail!

I assume you like to play it safe when making those types of decisions, so for starters it's good to know that it's the FTC who provides the information to enroll in the Credit Card Opt Out service!

To begin the process, you would need to provide either your social security number, or your birth date, in order for them to remove you from the program.

Be aware that it will take about a month or so before the offers stop coming in the mail.

Another added benefit of opting out is that it may help to reduce debt - simply because the offers to open yet another card are no longer arriving in your mailbox!

If you're ready to Opt Out of receiving credit and/or insurance applications, head on over to the FTC for the Credit Card Opt Out information.

As time passes after you have opted out, you may begin to start receiving offers again.

Did you opt out in the past, but now you're receiving offers again?

If you begin to receive offers some time after you already opted out, it could be that it's due to a change in your name or marital status, which affects your credit information.

Any change to your information could result in the need to use the credit card opt out service again.

At any rate, it all means less junk mail!

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