Work from Home Top 100 Companies for Telecommuting Jobs

Telecommuting jobs offer the ability to work from home, and for some people an opportunity to gain more control over their work life. Working from home is not for everyone, and it requires discipline that some people simply don't have. For the independent soul telecommuting jobs provide greater freedom, but without being in business for themselves.

Is a telecommuting work from home job or career right for you? You'll need to make that decision for yourself, because you know if whether or not you have the right characteristics and personality to succeed in that direction.

If you're already well acquainted with the frustration of searching for a legitimate work from home opportunity, and tired of running into dead-ends with the work from home scams, this information will help.

Here's two quick tips to get you started with finding a work from home solution:

1). Forbes completed an article featuring the top 100 companies offering work from home opportunities for this year. Just when you thought there might not be many places to search, you will probably be overwhelmed with so many work from home choices!

2). The list Forbes provided was generated from the site Flexjobs. If you don't want to limit your search to the top 100 companies, and want to search with more specific parameters for telecommuting opportunities, give Flexjobs a try.

There is one catch though - yeah, I'm sure you may have been wondering if there was a catch! If you find a job on their site you're interested in, you will need to register on their site, and the only way you can access the information for the company offering the position is by a paid subscription. However, if you're serious about finding a flexible telecommuting position with a legitimate company offering a real job and not a scam, it may be worth the subscription price to pursue it.

If I were able to make a suggestion to Flexjobs, it would be for them to offer one free month trial subscription.

If you're looking for a legitimate work at home job I hope that may send you in the right direction, and save you time. After all, time is money and the less you waste on unfruitful searches, the more you will save!

Online Banking Options

For some, online banking is far easier thanks to the Internet. For others, they prefer to continue to walk into their local branch, like this fellow.

Money in the Bible and the Prosperity Gospel

Within the Holy Bible there are many scriptures in regards to money. Given the world we live in, it's easy to fall prey to what has become known as the 'prosperity gospel'. The fact is, we all need money to survive, and there isn't anything wrong with money. However, when we become obsessed with money, and/or have the love of money, it then becomes a hindrance to everything else in our lives.

The Bible makes it clear that we will have needs, but trusting in riches from money and possessions is not what the Bible is referring to when it speaks of riches. Scriptures are often twisted, and in regards to money and prosperity, those scriptures that were twisted become an illusion, which clouds the truth.

In my opinion, God does not wish for anyone to suffer from lack, and He does want people to live a prosperous life, but prosperity comes in other means - not always relating to money. God primarily wants everyone to be a good steward of the money they have to work with, so stewardship is important, and it is taught in the Bible.

This video has some good points in regards to the prosperity gospel, and in that we are in a new year I hope each of us learns to focus on true riches for the year -aside from those gained by wealth.

Use a Lottery Simulator to Play the Lotto and Save a Dollar

Wondering what your odds are of winning a lottery such as the the mega millions? The quick answer obviously, is to simply read the odds revealed in print, but reading the odds doesn't stop most people from playing, as they hope they just might be 'the lucky one'! Would you like to compare investing a dollar a day, rather than playing the lotto? You've come to the right place to do that comparison :)

If you really want to experience the losses from playing a lottery, without any money out of your pocket, you can pretend to play the lottery for free with a simulator, like the Mega Millions Simulator. Taking it a step further, you can save the $1.00 each day you would have normally played a $1.00 lottery ticket, and calculate how much that can add up over time. It may not seem like much, but the time value of money does add up as more time goes by!

Just how much is a dollar worth over time? For starters, let's assume an interest rate of only 3% on the money (compounded interest), which is roughly that of the average inflation rate in the USA over the last 30 years. Then we'll do a calculation at a higher rate of return on $1.00 a day at 8% compounded interest. Let's also assume you saved $1.00 a day for 365 days of the year, rather than playing the lottery daily. Here's the results:

Saving $1.00 a day with 3% compounded interest rate:

1 Year: $375.95
3 Years: $1,162.02
5 Years: $1,995.97
7 Years: $2,880.70
10 Years: $4,309.85
15 Years: $6,992.26
20 Years: $10,101.92
25 Years: $13,706.86
30 Years: $17,885.98
35 Years: $22,730.72

Saving $1.00 a day with 8% compounded interest rate:

1 Year: $394.20
3 Years: $1,279.73
5 Years: $2,312.61
7 Years: $3,517.37
10 Years: $5,710.60
15 Years: $10,703.36
20 Years: $18,039.37
25 Years: $28,818.36
30 Years: $44,656.24
35 Years: $67,927.28

Now that you have seen the potential growth on only $1.00 a day, can you really afford to play the lottery when the odds are so stacked against you? If not, then play the Mega Millions Simulator for free, to at least get your craving to play the lottery out of your system - lol.

Thanks to one of my readers Kyle for his suggestion, which inspired this blog post. This is what he wrote, which also provides you with the link to the Mega Millions Simulator too!

Thought you'd like to see this site... It lets you simulate playing the lottery for YEARS, and the TRUE chances you have. Perhaps you could write an article outlining the difference between playing this for a year ($365) or investing a dollar a day into a 1% savings account (typical going rate). Thanks and keep up the great work! My wife and I both love your site! Kyle

Thanks Kyle for writing in your suggestion! One last clarification for my readers. The above calculations are done assuming a lump sum of $365.00 a year invested, rather than $1.00 a day. This does result in a bit of a difference in calculations, but you get the idea.

Money Saving Coupon Auctions Prohibited

Coupon Auctions Prohibited
Pinching pennies is a must for most families and especially in this economy. Pinching pennies includes clipping coupons. With the Internet, gone are the days when clipping coupons only came from your local newspapers or magazines. For some, coupons are purchased from auction sites.

Some auction sites like eBay allow coupons to be sold on the auction block. I've never 'bought' a coupon as it almost seems like an oxymoron to me, but I guess one could still get a bargain by acquiring coupons that way.

However, have you noticed some manufacturers are now putting a stop to their coupons being auctioned? As an example, here's a coupon from one manufacturer getting their two cents worth in on the auction strategy, by prohibiting the auctioning of their coupons. Notice the coupon states, "May not be sold or auctioned, or otherwise transferred or reproduced." and this manufacturer considers it to be a form of fraud if their coupons are auctioned.

90 Percent Gold Hidden in the Garden

Imagine discovering coins buried in your backyard garden. Coins, which contain over 90 percent gold! Isn't it everyone's dream to discover buried treasure in their backyard? A fairy tale? Not for this homeowner! They were lucky enough to unearth forgotten golden treasure!

Silver and Gold Bullion Buyer Beware

Are you planning to buy gold or silver bullion, or gold and silver coins? Buyer beware! Because gold and silver is an easy lure, there is always the possibility of a scam! For investing in silver or gold coins or bullion, this will give you one quick tip for what NOT to buy, so you don't get snared by a money illusion.