The inspiration for MoneyIllusions.com

Years ago, while seeking work online I quickly discovered there are so many ways we can fall prey to disinformation - especially as it pertains to money and online work from home opportunities!

Why I chose the name Money Illusions:
  1. To share information regarding money, online work from home scams, and the challenges we can encounter as we seek the truth.
  2. "Illusion" in its plural form; "illusions" is defined as: "A false idea or belief".
  3. Those false ideas and beliefs often cloud our ability to recognize the fraudulent scams for what they are, as it pertains to money and work from home opportunities.
Thus, MoneyIllusions.com was born!

In some of my articles, you'll notice I've tossed in a mix of humor to what can otherwise at times be a mundane topic. 🙃

A clarification of the term; "Money Illusion" vs the name of this site:

The term "Money Illusion" from an economics perspective is different than what this site is about. That economic phrase from before 1928, refers to the tendency of people to think of currency in nominal, rather than real, terms, which is a fallacy. There is more to it than that, but I wanted to clarify for my readers that isn't what this site is about.

For further clarification of what this site is about, you may wish to read my article, "Money Illusions and What They Are".