DealDash Penny Auction Strategy to Win

DealDash Penny Auctions: Is There a Strategy to Win?

Curious about penny auctions, and what strategy might work to win?
(DealDash was originally known as Swoopo).

As you read, keep in mind there are no guarantees that you could win any penny auctions for in fact just pennies.

DealDash penny auction site is known as a 'bid fee' auction house.

Do your research to learn strategies and if they would actually work before you bid your hard-earned money!

If you lose quite a bit of money then I would say that's not a good strategy to win!

Some say that penny auctions are more of a gamble than an opportunity to grab a bargain, but you decide.

You'll need to learn the right strategy to win at penny auctions!

First, begin by going through the inventory to determine if there is anything of value that you would like to win.

Don't get hung up on bidding on items that may not really offer value!

Learn the Penny Auction Strategy to Win Penny Auctions:

Like other penny auction sites, DealDash provides the opportunity to bid and win auction items for pennies on the dollar, but in order to come out ahead you need to identify the winning strategies.

Note that I said, 'opportunity to bid and win', and that there is no guarantee that you can win at penny auctions!

Win Penny Auctions with a Strategy?
Even if you won by what you felt was a solid strategy to win again, that same strategy might not work on the next auction!

DealDash auctions start at just pennies with no reserve, so at first glance, you can get into the action for a variety of items at only pennies.

Keep in mind that you must purchase bid packs, which add to the cost for an auction item. (Check their site for the actual current cost).

Ultimately, the less bids you place, the less money an auction item would cost, if you were to win, and the more bids you place the more it can potentially cost you, and especially if you rarely win any items.

If you'll be away and need to bid, DealDash offers their BidBuddy service to bid for you automatically!

Does automatic bidding increase your odds of winning penny auctions?

Automatic bidding is a strategy in itself if you make use of the BidBuddy method, but again there is never a guarantee to win an auction!

'DealDash' offers 'BidBuddy' for the auto bidding strategy to potentially win more (or less) penny auctions!

If you learn how to use their bidding strategies successfully, your chances of winning could be increased, but again it might work only once and then not again.

Using BidBuddy can sometimes work out to be an advantage to increase your penny auction strategy against the other bidders, but again if you keep losing you'll run out of bid packs and you'll have to purchase more!

As with other penny auction sites such as QuiBids, with DealDash:

You must take time in order to figure out the proper bidding strategies in order to make it a successful endeavor for you.

Otherwise, you're likely to spend a great amount of money on bid packs, yet without winning many auctions. Learn the strategy to win!

Some say penny auction sites are scams, but you'll need to do your research to determine if you can actually work a winning strategy to succeed at penny auctions. Do your research about their company to make your own decision.

Most importantly, should you decide to use a penny auction site that is based on a bid fee requirement, start small and don't spend more than you should!