Work from Home Scam Sting Operation

Yes, you read that title correctly...

This is about a work from home scam sting operation!

Spoiler alert... They successfully uncovered the location of the fake recruiter! 🕶

Although it was an impromptu plan, and not carried out by law-enforcement - mission was accomplished since they determined the location of the work from home scam computer! Good job guys!
Work from Home Scam
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Work from Home Scam Sting Operation.

How did they do it?

It was a combination of being tech-savvy, along with having quick thinking caps!

They responded promptly to the fake recruiter's questions and demands.

Pretending to be naive, they followed along with the scam until they could carry out the sting! Sweet!

The tech-savvy fellow named Josh, outsmarted the work from home job recruiter job scammer!

Due to the fact that Josh was able to determine the location of the scam recruiters ip address, they were able to report it to the appropriate authorities; the FTC - took over from there!

The work from home scammers got stung by who I'm referring to;
the 'Sting Operators'! 😎

You will want to read the details for yourself as the scammers had quite an elaborate plan, and you won't want to miss the details that Josh provided. This is only a few of the many points Josh shared:
  • The work from home scam involved using resume's from legit sites.
  • The scam involved impersonating a legit business person.
  • They used a well-known legit site as their front.
By now your curiosity should be preparing you to read Josh's full article. His information may save you, a friend, or a loved one from the same type of work from home scam - so it's a must read!

His explanation is complete with screen shots of their tech savvy sting operation!

Plus, the added bonus...

For many of us, who are not tech-savvy as Josh is: You can learn the secret sauce Josh used to get the ip address of the scammer! Awesome work, Josh! 😃

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