How to Claim Unclaimed Property and Money

Avoid paying a finders fee to locate your unclaimed money, or property!

  • Do you have unclaimed money, or unclaimed property?
  • Do you know how to determine if you have unclaimed property or unclaimed money, and how to claim it?

Locate your unclaimed money or property!

The opportunity to claim your money or unclaimed property is a reality for many people, especially if they moved or relocated - that's the first clue!

But, that's not the only way to end up with unclaimed property. Yet, changing one's mailing address is probably the primary reason money or property goes unclaimed.

Change of Physical or Mailing Address May = Unclaimed Money!

One story that comes to my mind surrounding unclaimed money or unclaimed property is the scenario where people wish they had a rich distant relative they didn't know, who magically left them a fortune to claim. Lol - does the story sound familiar?

Be cautious - there are unscrupulous individuals that use those types of stories to lure you into paying them a percentage, to locate and retrieve your unclaimed money or unclaimed property!

However, you don't need their assistance to locate it!

Don't Become a Victim of an Unclaimed Money Scam!

A common misconception in regards to unclaimed money or unclaimed property... You'll be notified if it's there for you!

However, the fact is: Most people are NOT ever notified if they have unclaimed money or property to claim! The exception however, is if there is a large amount to be claimed, as those individuals may get notified by a business or individual soliciting their services to claim it for a percentage of its value.

The larger the claim, the higher the likelihood of getting a solicitation to recover the unclaimed property for you.

But again, the State is NOT going to notify you, because again the primary reason your property may be unclaimed is because you moved! So, how are they going to reach you? They won't track you down! And, another reason why is below, so keep reading!!!

Now let's dive into what you're waiting for!!!

★ How, and where do you claim your potential unclaimed money, or unclaimed property?

★ How do you make a claim without paying a percentage of your claim? (In other words - claim it without paying a 'finders fee').

In the US, you can contact the State where you resided.

For example, if you lived in California and moved to Washington State, you may have left some loose ends if your mailing address was not updated. You would therefore want to check with California.

Think about loose ends you might have like from a former employer, former bank, or other entity who may owe you money.

Then consider the fact that if you moved, or if there was perhaps a data entry error while updating your change of mailing address - then boom - your money could have been sent to unclaimed property!

Change of Mailing Address
May Have Resulted in Unclaimed Property!

If an employer or other entity complies with the laws within their state, the funds are supposed to be turned into the state, but not all employers and organizations comply with the law, which presents another issue!

Now in this example, let's assume the employer or organization was playing the States game legally; therefore the State would be holding the unclaimed money or property, and potentially for many years!

Some never receive their money or property, and it remains unclaimed for decades! That's why it can also end up being an heir who makes a claim.

You may be thinking the state government should inform you, but again it's not their responsibility to do so. Don't expect them to!

To complicate it even more, the government has plenty of incentive for your money to never be returned!

Is the Government Earning Interest on Your Money or Property?

Yeah, I know what you're thinking - and you're right! Each State stands to make a "should-be-illegal" amount of profit from your money as they earn interest on it, and quite possibly for many years! End of rant - that's a different topic all of its own!

Let's get the information to you now for how to claim your unclaimed money or unclaimed property!

Step 1: Identify the changes of address you may have made. Also consider loose ends that may have developed by you changing your phone number.

Step 2: Determine your prior physical and/or mailing addresses. If you moved from a different state then where you reside now, you'll need to check with the state government office from where you lived.

Step 3: Go search for possible unclaimed property! This is where the fun begins! Just think about it being like a treasure hunt!

Where do you start your treasure hunt for unclaimed property?

Search online for these words:
Your state name, unclaimed property.
Unclaimed Property and Money!
OR search:
Your state name, treasurer.
OR search:
Your state name, department of revenue.

Yes, it's the treasurer or department of revenue who may be holding
your treasure, so go and find it!

Word of caution:

Be sure you only visit the official state government page! Don't be lured by other sites that try to convince you that you will need their assistance to locate your property.

Once you locate each state treasurer for each state you lived in, then conduct your search. If your name changed, you may also need to search using that name too.

Be prepared to go through their hoops to claim your money and/or property.

You may be required to provide the necessary legal documents to make your claim.

To make your claim the documents you may need may be:

A photocopy of your state drivers license or state ID card.

Supporting documents related to the party who owed you the money. In other words, they may require you to submit a photocopy of a prior employers pay stub to prove that you worked for the employer, if it was an employer that submitted money to the state treasurer for you.

It's worth going through the hoops to locate your money! So go get it! 😎