Job Offer Too Good to Be True?

Life on the Internet for a job seeker can be rough. How many times have you looked into a job listing and discovered that it was an offer too good to be true?

That situation is most often the case with work from home opportunities - they're a rare find in comparison to the volume of fake offers posted.

The Internet has become a breeding ground for fraudulent offers from money con artists wanting an accomplice for money laundering, or repackaging of merchandise to wash their dirty money.

Either way, it's become a nightmare for someone looking for a legitimate job offer.

For those of you looking for a reliable site online that doesn't allow any work at home scams to be posted, is there even one to consider?

From my viewpoint it seems it would be very difficult for a career site to fully determine if an offer was legitimate or not.

Even if the job offer appeared to be from a legitimate corporate giant, there are ways con artists can work around that to post fraudulent offers.

Some career sites provide listings claiming that it provides the ability for legitimate employers and prospective employees are able to contact one another directly, cutting out any middle men headhunter companies, and cutting out any scam artists looking for trouble.

However, the sites that claim that are - well you may have guessed it - a middle man! Did you read the prior paragraph? I brought up that some claim to cut out the middle man, yet essentially that's what a career website is!

If a job offer seems too good to be true, here's my best advice for you:

  • For large corporations or other legitimate employers, they should have a presence online that's easy to find.
  • From there you should be able to locate their career search.
  • They may be using a career site, but at least if you landed there as a result of clicking from the employers site it gives you greater assurance the employment offer is legit.

Even then, proceed with caution!

  • Carefully screen any potential opportunities you find. Especially true if they are work from home offers.
  • Why is that? Simply because the vast majority of those positions do not require you to meet them in person, in an office or brick and mortar.

Don't give up, but search smarter! You can search smarter if you first educate yourself to recognize the characteristics of money laundering!