Money Saving Coupon Auctions Prohibited

Coupon Auctions Prohibited

Are Coupon Auctions Prohibited?

  • A must for many families. Pinching pennies includes clipping coupons.
  • With the Internet, gone are the days when clipping coupons only came from your local newspapers or magazines.
  • For some, coupons are purchased from auction sites.
Some auction sites like eBay allow coupons to be sold on the auction block. I've never 'bought' a coupon as it almost seems like an oxymoron to me, but I guess one could still get a bargain by acquiring coupons that way.

Some Coupons Reveal if Auctioning is Prohibited:

  • Some manufacturers prohibit their coupons being auctioned.
  • Be cautious purchasing auctioned coupons
Example: a coupon from one manufacturer getting their two cents worth in regarding the auction strategy; by prohibiting the auctioning of their coupons.

Notice the coupon states, "May not be sold or auctioned, or otherwise transferred or reproduced." This manufacturer considers it to be a form of fraud if their coupons are auctioned.