Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Online Banking Options

For some, banking is far easier thanks to the internet. For others, if they're technologically challenged, or dumb criminals, online banking options won't fix their problem:

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Tammara Garland

Money in the Bible and the Prosperity Gospel

Scriptures Regarding Money

  • Within the Holy Bible there are many scriptures in regards to money.
  • Given the world we live in, it's easy to fall prey to what has become known as the 'prosperity gospel'.
The fact is, we all need money to survive, and there isn't anything wrong with money. However, when we become obsessed with money, and/or have the love of money, it then becomes a hindrance to everything else in our lives.

Trusting in Riches

  • The Bible makes it clear that we will have needs.
  • But, trusting in riches from money and possessions is not what the Bible is referring to when it speaks of riches.
  • Scriptures are often twisted, and in regards to money and prosperity, those scriptures that were twisted become an illusion, which clouds the truth.

Monetary Stewardship

  • God does not wish for anyone to suffer from lack.
  • He wants people to live a prosperous life, but prosperity comes in other means as well - not always relating to money.
  • God wants everyone to be a good steward of the money they have to work with, so stewardship is important, and it is taught in the Bible.
  • Lack of stewardship can contribute to lack of resources.

My hope is that each of us learns to focus on true riches, aside from those gained by monetary wealth.