Bargain Shopper Money Illusion

Bargain Shoppers

  • Seek to reduce their grocery bills and other expenses
  • Desire to eat out for less

Two for One Offers

  • Can be a great money saver
  • Generally it is a terrific way to reduce your food bill from local restaurants.
In this case when you look at this food vendor's offer, read their sign closely before you order! Sounded like a fishy deal to me!

Not sure if this deceptive super saver was supposed to be a joke or not, but either way it was turning off customers as they read the sign scratching their head and grumbling; "How does that work???" and then walk away! (It looks like something a politician would write). As other would-be customers, I also walked and ordered from a different vendor rather than asking if it was a joke. Hmm, what would you have done?