Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Swoopo Penny Auction Strategy for Bargains

Curious about Swoopo penny auctions, and how they work? Some say that penny auctions are more of a gamble than an opportunity to grab a bargain, but you decide...

Like other penny auction sites, Swoopo provides the opportunity to bid and win auction items for pennies on the dollar, but in order to come out ahead you need to identify the winning strategy. Swoopo auctions start at just .12 with no reserve, so at first glance, you can get into the action for a variety of items at only pennies. However, keep in mind that you must purchase bid packs, which currently cost .60 for each bid, adding to the cost for an auction item. Ultimately, the less bids you place the less money an auction item would cost, if you were to win, and the more bids you place the more it can potentially cost you, and especially if you rarely win any items.

If you'll be away from your computer and need to bid, Swoopo offers their 'BidButler' service to bid for you automatically. Swoopo also offers "Swoop it Now' where you can purchase selected items. If you learn how to use BidButler effectively, along with other successful bidding strategies, your chances of winning could be increased.

As with other penny auction sites such as QuiBids, with Swoopo you'll need to take some time in order to figure out the proper bidding strategies in order to make it a successful endeavor for you. Otherwise, you're likely to spend a great amount of money on bid packs, yet without winning many auctions. Some say sites such as Swoopo or Quibids are scams, which I would say isn't a fair description, as it's all based on determining the proper strategies in order to win.