Digital Identity Theft Copier Secrets

Digital Identity Theft

  • Is easy for thieves to pull off by simply accessing the hard drive from digital copiers manufactured after 2002.

  • Identity theft thieves can readily access thousands of records with personal information from loan applications, medical records, insurance documents and more.
  • Private data may be compromised accessing digital copies

Cash Stash at Home for Savings and Loan

At some time in our life, many of us have put money away in one of the following ways, "Frozen Funds" or "Cold Hard Cash Stash", both of which utilize the fairly fireproof refrigerator or freezer. If one of those doesn't sound familiar, what about "Mattress Savings and Loan"? Then there's the one where a person might have their dog dig a hole for the "Savings Jar", Yet another is of course, "Grandmother's Cookie Jar"!

Most have also heard stories about an elderly person who passed away living at poverty level, only to later discover they were actually very well off, had they only accessed some of their mattress savings and loan cash!

The elderly are not the only ones who have utilized mattress savings and loan, as most of us at one time or another have been subjected to fears of what might happen to our money if we saved or invested it elsewhere. With the current economic status, that fear has become reality as we have watched financial institutions crumble.

Although savings and investment rates may not always be what we anticipate, it's also easy to overlook the loss of purchasing power due to inflation, when we don't receive any return on funds. Something is better than nothing, so remember that mattress savings and loan provides no return on your dollar, and the value of your funds is quickly eroded by inflation as it may only help to inflate your mattress to a higher level of comfort.

eBid Fees Compete With eBay

Selling on eBay? Paying too much for listing fees, closing value fees, and image insertion fees? When times get tough, the tough get going, and in this case some sellers are going over to sell on eBids! Over the years, sellers disappointed with eBay have been seeking alternatives. Ebay wanna-be competitors have come and gone, but some are showing promising signs of possibly providing online auction sellers and buyers viable alternatives.

As with anything, there are pros and cons for switching over to lesser-known competitor sites, especially for sellers. When using a lesser-known competitor, the upside is generally less money required for listing fees, image fees, and final value fees. That's good for a sellers pocket-book. However, the trade-off is generally less traffic to the listings, and therefore potentially less buyers, and merchandise moving slowly.

If you're an established seller with eBay, don't be too quick to jump ship to sell on a competitor auction site, until you've done your homework. Perhaps the best strategy would be to register and join eBid, list some items on their site and see how you fair. Serious sellers often use multiple online auction sites to keep merchandise moving, and alternating their merchandise between multiple sites.

For those who are not PayPal fans, eBids also offers Google Checkout, so you may wish to head on over to eBids and check them out!