Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Tax Rebate Money Well Spent or Saved

Are you looking forward to your tax rebate arriving? I'm sure you are, but if you had to pay more income taxes on April 15th the rebate may not seem to be much. Either way it's nice to get some money back, so I'm certainly not going to complain!

In that you're looking forward to your rebate, have you made any plans on how to use the funds? Congress of course wants us to spend it so it gives the economy a boost, but it would also be good for the economy if you invest the money. Investing the money into a vehicle like mutual funds or stocks would also be of benefit to the economy as your money will help the companies you invest in.

Better yet, if you invest the money and tax shelter it as an IRA account then you will gain yet another tax benefit when income tax time rolls around in April 2009. Another idea is to use the funds toward your property taxes due this fall if you escrow your own funds for taxes and insurance.

Whatever you decide to do with your tax rebate, make sure your tax rebate will be money well spent, or saved! Here are some additional ideas for what to do with your tax rebate. Just make sure you try to use some of the funds to have a little fun too!

Money Illusion of Gambling

If there was ever a big money illusion that tricks most of us to yield to it's temptation in hopes of winning big, it's gambling and playing games like the lotto and slot machines!

It's easy for each of us to want to believe that we deserve to win a big lottery, sweepstakes or that we'll get a big windfall of money, but the reality is that most don't, and the odds are against most of us.

Although gambling can be a fun means of entertainment, for some it becomes an unhealthy money robbing addiction and it can completely destroy ones finances, relationships and marriage.

So, just a quick tip to always be careful that you don't get carried away by the money illusion of gambling or relying on the hope and dream of winning a big lottery - lol! Stay focused on saving what you can for a rainy day, rather than spending or gambling it away.

Tight Wad Penny Pincher Test

Have your family members or friends accused you of being a penny pinching tight-wad? If you need to prove it's either true or false all you need is to take the tight-wad test!

The penny pincher tight-wad test will score you on a scale of 0-100. The higher your score the more of a penny pincher tight-wad you are! My score came in at 57% which really didn't surprise me since I consider myself to be somewhere between penny wise, and pound foolish.

Have fun if you decide to take the penny pincher tight-wad test!

Identity Theft Prevention Tips

There are more than 799 victims per hour of identity theft. Will you be one of those people this hour?

Identity theft thieves steal wallets, browse through garbage, and look for documents to provide them with the necessary information. Shredders are inexpensive and a must-have for every household and business. Using reliable anti-virus and spy ware software is essential in order to protect yourself against the most savvy identity theft crooks. Here are some tips to help protect yourself against identity theft:

* Shred credit cards and other documents that contain sensitive information
* Use protective anti-virus and spy ware software
* Minimize use of mail to send and receive sensitive information
* Buy only from reputable online sites that offer encryption to protect your data
* Track your wallet and handbag carefully to guard your credit cards etc.
* Never carry your social security card with you until you absolutely need it
* Avoid opening potential phishing and spoof emails

Protecting yourself against identity theft begins with the use of some basic tips and knowledge to increase your awareness. You will find this information helpful in this identity theft prevention steps video below. Be sure to watch the entire video to become aware of some important steps to immediately implement if you become a victim of identity theft.

Turn Five Dollars a Day into Thousands

Personal budgeting isn't an easy task for many, but did you know you can turn $5.00 a day into $55,000.00 - $126,000.00 or more? The power of compounding your savings does add up over time using even a small amount.

Where do you come up with $5.00 a day to turn it into $55,000.00 or more? For many, that amount of money is already being spent each day, but by making a few changes to some habits that amount of money could be saved per day rather than spent. Here's a quick tip to inspire you to save $5.00 a day and where to find the funds to save!