Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Bad Behavior

Over the years societies throughout the world have become heavily populated with individuals who have allowed their children to go undisciplined, and those children have grown up to become masters of well, let's just say - bad behavior!

None of this comes as a surprise, and it really is no different than it has been in the past, or is it? Bad behavior will always exist in every society, but now that we are well into the day and age of the Internet it seems that either bad behavior is more prevalent now than in the past. Most likely too in that we are exposed to it readily each day it seems it is more prevalent. Technology has also permitted those with bad behavior to play their games in an easier way, but it's also due to technology that they can be stopped as well. Spammers are a prime example of those who evidently grew up with bad behavior written all over their brains! The good news though is the fact that there are also people who were raised to exercise good behavior, and they are the ones to come up with the programs to stop the bad guys.

Ever since that blog hit a pr 3 I've been getting hit with way too much spam. Although I always utilize comment moderation, the spammers with their bad behavior still continued, and it would be caught by the program known as Akismet. However, the problem was with the fact that it was even getting that far and it was obvious that my blog could have been hit with malicious code getting through, so it had to be stopped!

The other day I installed one of those programs made by the good guys, to stop the spammers from infiltrating my other blog. The program name? Bad Behavior of course - lol! The good news is that the Bad Behavior program has been excellent and performing even beyond my expectations.

Now that I have Bad Behavior installed and working in tandem with Akismet, I'm quite happy with the line of defense built around my WordPress blog! In less than a week Bad Behavior has stopped over 800 attacks! This is probably the only time in my life that I will be thankful for anything called Bad Behavior!

Avoiding Crafty Work at Home Scams

There will always be a new angle that crooks will try to bait honest hard working people with. Work at home and telecommuting positions are filled with opportunities with false hopes and promises. One has to really do their homework to make sure they don't fall for a scam.

It seems to be a double-edged sword when one really needs to earn an income only to find out they fell for a scam and it cost them either more money, or their precious time, which could have been devoted to working for a legitimate opportunity.

The fraudsters are crafty at what they do and we have to be all the more cunning. They can even be found when one pursues opportunities to create crafts for a living. In order to outsmart them we have to do quite a bit of homework and make sure we are taking on a legitimate offer.

One of my blogging friends has recently found a way to make money from creating craft kits. She's excited about her new opportunity and has done her homework to ensure she is not creating crafts for the crafty fraudsters! So like her, do your homework before you reach a decision about any work at home or telecommuting opportunity.

Working Out of Your Home

Making money on the Internet is really not much different than any other type of business, yet many people expect it to be something completely different and expect to make a quick buck and a huge amount of money.

Making a large amount of money certainly is a possibility, but it isn't going to occur overnight! Maybe that myth came into play because we enjoy working from home, and telecommuting in our jammies. Well, okay maybe not everyone does that!

If you plan to be working out of your home, you really need a solid plan and strategy for exactly how you are going to develop your income and it needs to be treated like any other business.

If a person doesn't have a plan they are more likely to be a target of scam artists wanting to sell their program, and next thing you know the person ends up spending money rather than bringing in an income. Of course, no business is going to develop without some investment, but there are many scam artists on the Internet that want you to believe you can make a fortune and make it happen quickly. It generally just isn't so, and takes a great deal of hard work.
Working from your home in jammies is in fact more difficult as a way to bring in an income because it takes greater discipline, and a solid plan. Unfortunately the scam artists also make it more difficult for those seeking a legitimate opportunity.

If you're planning to work from home, be sure to have a plan so you are not easily persuaded by programs only seeking to make money from you, rather than helping you to prosper while working from your home.

Spammers Exercising Weight Loss Plans

Is there no safe haven from spammers? It was already bad enough that we had to win the war on fighting spam in our email boxes. Oh yeah, you know it! All the prescription drug offers like for Viagra and weight loss gimmicks!

As if that were not enough the spammers also infiltrate our blog comments! Legitimate comments from readers are far outnumbered by spammers comments! On one of my other blogs since it hit a page rank of three the spam has been coming in by the masses! Thankfully I have spam assassin programs to catch it all automatically.

Spammers also love to exercise their weight loss plans by soliciting their prescription and weight loss pills! The successful ones rake in millions per year while those who respond only seem to experience a serious loss of weight to their wallets! Just my .02 worth for the day!

Daylight Savings Time

Oh my! I nearly forgot that tonight is when we have to spring forward in time and set our clocks ahead one hour. One day I suppose all the high tech gadgets and gizmo's will catch up with daylight savings and reset themselves automatically. Cell phones do and normally computers do as well. Just thought I would share this funny story I remembered from years back.

Each year when Daylight Savings starts or ends I set the clocks during the early part of the evening on the Saturday before rather than waiting until 2am on Sunday. One year I did it even earlier than normal and it was in the fall when we had to set the clocks back one hour. So later that afternoon I went ahead and reset all the clocks in our house to reflect the end of Daylight Savings time.

Sometime later my husband ran to the local store to get a carton of milk and he decided to purchase a lotto ticket for the Saturday evening 7pm drawing. He asked the clerk to add in a lotto ticket but she told him it was too late because it was already past 7pm. My husband was baffled over what the heck she was talking about and why she was refusing to sell him a ticket for that same evening.

Once he arrived back home he then looked at the clocks and realized I had already set them back by one hour, so he was too late with buying his lotto ticket. All I can say is that it was a good thing he didn't have the winning lotto numbers for that night - lol!