Where to Find Amazon Work from Home Jobs

Rumor has it that Amazon is hiring work from home job opportunities!

Given the fact that their entire business runs on massive technology, I would imagine that's probably the case, more often than not. Remote, telecommuting, work from home tech jobs, are often a job sector offered from many large corporations. That's all good, so what's the problem?

The problem is WHERE some job seekers are looking to find work from home remote opportunities with Amazon!

Rumors are going ablaze through online communities and .com's posing as recruiting sites for Amazon, but they're not affiliated with Amazon! Legitimate recruiting sites are also a target for false job opportunities, so your radar must be keen!

You may often find what appears to be a great job on a career job listing website. But, did you look on the employers actual website? You will quickly determine which jobs posted in career sites are legit, or not!

Con artists, scam artists, and imposter websites can surely fool anyone! This is where the caution comes to learn from!

When a person is excited and in need of finding a legitimate work from home remote job, it's easy to fall for the fraudulent advertisements. Using search engines to look will quickly bring up lots of results, which do not belong to Amazon!

Where do you find Amazon's offers of work from home employment?

The legitimate career opportunities with Amazon are advertised from their own site! Like Amazon, other large corporations also have their own career and employment sections for job seekers.

Amazon's Remote Telecommuting Jobs
Since I chose to write this article today, I popped on over to where you can find Amazon's legitimate remote jobs. Note: From Amazon's .com you're able to find their career search site, which is a .jobs site.

As of today, there were only 39 openings (near my area), and all of which only pertained to those who have high-tech backgrounds. If that's you, then you may be in luck!

You can also search Amazon's remote virtual work from home openings.

Remember, most large corporations will generally have a link directly on their site to their career center. You often will find it at the bottom of their website footer, or you may have to click through on a site map.

Don't allow yourself to be fooled by imposters!

Many sites have popped up attempting to represent Amazon to offer career opportunities, and/or affiliate marketing opportunities, but again these are not where you would find Amazon job opportunities, either working within their locations or remotely.

A first clue is the fact that some imposters may use the actual legitimate company name as an attempt to confuse people.

As you look at these sites, do you see what's potentially wrong?
This list is not all inclusive! There are more posing as recruiters!

amazoncareers .co
Scam Inspector
amazonprofits .org
earnwithamazon .com
amazonrecruiter .org
  1. Amazon is a .com
  2. Amazon is not a .co (Columbia uses .co)
  3. Amazon is not a .org (non-profit organization)
  4. Amazon doesn't need a site name sounding like they're desperate to teach people how to 'earn with amazon'!
Keep in mind several of those may not be advertising actual employment with Amazon, but rather the potential of being an Amazon affiliate. However, do your own searches as well to first determine if a site is a place you want to visit.

One last point regarding the two .org examples to learn from:
A website using the word 'profits' on a .org seems to be an oxymoron!
A .org website using any large retailer name such as Amazon is another oxymoron!

If those challenges are not enough as it is, there's yet another Amazon hiring scam to be aware of. The BBB Better Business Bureau is reporting there are scam artists contacting people offering work with Amazon. They are actually marketing an enrollment kit, which they charge $200.00. Once they receive the $200.00 they vanish.

In Summary - Two Tips to Remember:
  1. Keep a look-out and don't be too anxious to find the right opportunity, as that can cause one to overlook the truth.
  2. Large corporations will have a page on their site you can begin your job search from.
When in doubt about a job opportunity that you may have found on the internet, if it's for a large corporation look for it directly from their site! If it isn't there, then either an opening was filled, or it was a work from home scam job opening that never existed to begin with!