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Top Ten Worst Spam ISPs

Are you needing to change your Internet provider? Before you make the change or start with an Internet service provider you may want to take a look at the top ten worst spam Internet service providers before you make your decision.

You may be surprised to see who is on the top ten list of the worst Internet providers when it comes to tolerating spam. The less phishing emails one receives obviously the better!

Although you may have anti-virus software on your computer, the less spam you receive the less likely you will have your computer compromised by potentially malicious programs.

So, before you make your decision in regards to who you will choose for your Internet provider, check first to see if they are on the top ten list of the worst spam Internet provider services. Taking a few moments to check the top ten list could save you many hours of headaches in the future!

Vacation Rental Budget Strategy

This is my own personal budgeting tip for travel, which may help you stay within your budget for an awesome trip!

The larger your family, the more difficult it can be to get away for a vacation and keeping within your budget!

Sometimes a vacation budget can be met if a shorter trip is planned. It's better to at least get away for a short trip, than not at all!

Vacation rentals are great and one of my favorite ways to get away. But, the rentals can be expensive, and especially if it's in a popular vacation spot. Peak season rates are of course even higher!

Now let's grill the meat and potatoes and get into it!

How to reduce the cost to secure a vacation rental:

It's actually quite easy, and this trick has worked for me personally, not just once, but multiple times!

This is an easy step-by-step solution for saving money!
  1. Locate the vacation rental of your dreams.
  2. If you can book dates that are not 'peak season', you save more!
  3. Determine how the rates may fit into your budget.
  4. Figure on shortening your length of stay to make it work.
  5. Review their booking calendar for the availability.
  6. Determine their minimum number of nights stay.
Specific instructions for Step 6:
  • Many vacation rentals require at least a two night stay, but what if you can't afford that rental for two nights? The solution is simple! 
  • Look again at their calendar for their available dates.
  • Search for gaps between rented dates.
  • The *gaps I'm referring to are the nights not booked, but are less than their normal minimum stay.
*Gaps are your friendly solution to reduce the cost of your stay! 😎
  • If their minimum is normally two nights, you're looking for the stray one night that's not booked up.
  • Or, as another example: If their normal minimum is a 5 night stay, look for the gap between those, which are less than 5 nights.
You've got the drift now, so let's continue to the next step!

  • Contact the vacation rental manager - preferably by *phone!
*If you try to make the request through email or by using a contact form, you might reduce your chances for success! 🙈
  • Prepare a script to make the special request.
  • Your script (phone conversation) may go something like this:
Hi, I'm Your Name, I'm interested in booking your rental for these dates: (Now clearly state the dates you want to secure).
I see that/those night(s) is/are less than your normal minimum night stay, and they're not blocked out, yet appear to be available.
In that it's less than your normal minimum nights stay, then most people would probably not ask to book those dates, but I figured you would most likely be happy though to fill those dates if you could! Would you please consider booking us for that/those nights?
Now zip up your lips and wait for their reply! 🙊
Give them time to respond - without saying another word!
Wait patiently for their answer!

If you speak before they respond, it might kill the deal!

Assuming they responded positively with a 'yes'...
Now immediately respond with your strategy for a possible discount!


Keep in mind the closer you are to those booking dates, the less opportunity they have to rent it to a different party, as most won't ask!

This strategy is therefore time-sensitive for securing a discount, but not always the case. Even if you're months out from those dates, it doesn't hurt to ask for a discount!

Most people probably don't bother to make a special request for less than their minimum requirement, so use that to your advantage!

YOU may have a chance to get a discounted rate,
which no one else would ask for!

  • Your script for a discount might go like this:
Thank you! I'm excited you will allow us to book your vacation rental for those dates! (Don't pause here!) In that most people probably don't bother to ask to book less nights than your minimum, those nights have less opportunity to be booked. Would you therefore consider providing us a discount for booking those dates you would otherwise not fill?

Now zip up your lips and wait for their reply! 🙊
Give them time to respond - without saying another word!
Wait patiently for their answer!

If you speak before they respond, it might kill the deal!
There's an old saying I learned in marketing years ago:
"He who speaks first - loses!"

That strategy has worked for me multiple times, so I hope my idea works for you, so you can rent a vacation rental with a discount!

If you liked my vacation rental budget strategy, please consider sharing this post with a friend. Thanks!

My personal story with how this strategy worked for me:

The first time I implemented that strategy was when I rented a luxury oceanfront condominium on the coast of Oregon, at Depoe Bay for one night. (The link lands on a video I made while there on vacation).

Normally they had a two night minimum, but I found one stray night that was available.

They were more than happy to fill one stray night to keep the rental booked each day of the month!

It was a win win for them and for us! It worked out great for us because two nights at that place would have been too expensive for our budget, but one night was workable.

Now in that particular case we did have it within our budget to rent a second place, but it would have required that it be less expensive.

We lucked out with locating yet another stray one-night for a second vacation rental within half a mile of the first! The second night we had a perfect view of the boats going through the channel in Depoe Bay!

There again they were more than happy to book the one stray night!

Then the second time I again used that same strategy. We were able to book a vacation rental beach cabin, and again within our budget by locating a stray night they had not been filled.

Then too, their requirement was normally for a two night minimum, but in that they had the one stray night it was good for them, and good for us!

Another caveat to using that technique:

If you want to rent a specific place, but are not quite sure if you will like the rental, locating a stray night on their availability calendar gives you an opportunity to test drive the place for just one night, without committing to two or more!

The basic rule of thumb here applies if they have a stray night available, so be sure to ask about renting the vacation destination of your dreams for less than their normal minimum.

Most likely they'll be more than happy to rent it out to you, but they'll also perhaps want you to keep that strategy a secret!

That my friends, is also why I'm not revealing where those vacation rentals are that have made exceptions to the rule - lol. If I did that then those stray nights on their calendars might not be available any longer, if I had to compete with all of the rest of you to rent it - lol!

Also keep in mind: The closer you are to the date you need a rental, the more likely you'll be able to apply that strategy - but don't let that stop you with asking!

If you are planning your vacation a year ahead you may not find as many possible stray one-nighters to rent.

It is of course not as fun to stay anywhere for only one night, but if it's your only opportunity to get away, it's better than not getting a vacation at all!

Image is of an area of Depoe Bay, but photo was provided courtesy of Pixabay:
Vacation Rental Budget Strategy!

Fair Tax Reform to Eliminate the IRS

Would you like to be the center of attention in a room full of people? Simple to do really. All you need to do is bring up the topic of taxes, and you will get everyone's emotions stirred.

Tax reform has been a topic for sometime, but there really is something we all can do about it. Speak your mind, and sign the petition for fair tax reform!

Yes, I'm an optimist, so those of you who are pessimists may be figuring that they will just come up with another type of tax or increase other taxes to make up for it. Perhaps you are correct, but does any of this intrigue you?

Fair tax reform will do the following (but this list is not all inclusive):

Stops the export of American jobs!

Capital Gains Tax - GONE!

Every American can keep their entire paycheck!

All federal income taxes — GONE!

All existing and future savings and investments would be tax free!

Those are not the only reasons, and it's well worth the time to simply sign a petition and let your voice be heard at Records Hacked

Like many others, in the past I've searched various job market websites for employment positions. What I've never done though was enter my resume online unless it was directly to a prospective employer, and only after I thoroughly did my homework to determine the safety by doing so and the legitimacy of the prospective employer.

If you're serious about obtaining employment my viewpoint is that most employers are not going to come looking for you, as they anticipate that you will be looking for them. Too many people become a target to illegal activity and bogus opportunities by placing their resumes on job boards such as

Now for the real monster! A trojan horse cracked into their website, and accessed millions of records from individuals who had uploaded their resumes online! I have to also wonder how many of the individuals who had their records stolen also had provided their social security numbers.

Online data is being compromised every day, and I encourage you to supply as few sites as possible with your information, and when you do be sure to provide as little information as possible. Do your homework prior to submitting any data to an entity, and especially if it means providing your social security number and birth date.

Stupid Dumb Criminal Fooled by the Exit

Human nature teaches us that when we are under stress we often don't make the best decisions. This stupid dumb criminal proved he wasn't able to think very fast on his feet.

With his own stress as his only partner, this bank robber didn't know how to react to what was about to occur, plus he lost his common sense for even knowing how to exit the building. Hmm, dude -- you might want to learn how a door works before you try something so crazy!

Identity Theft Thieves Locked Out

It's time once again to lock out the potential identity theft thieves! You may have put many strategies in place to eliminate or reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. Have you locked the thieves out from obtaining your mail?

Mailboxes are no longer considered to be sacred territory, as identity theft thieves have no respect for the law, so it may be time to consider shopping the various styles of locking mailboxes. You may also wish to consider locking inserts for a high quality line of residential mailboxes.

Prior to installing a locking mailbox you will want to check with your local postal office to ensure they will deliver mail to your locking mailbox. If your postal service doesn't provide locked neighborhood boxes, and will not approve of delivering mail to a locked box, then your other option would be to utilize a post office box. Of course, that comes with an annual expense to do so, but if it's the only means to ensuring your mail will be locked up it's worth the added security and peace of mind.

For your business you will also want to consider the locking high quality commercial mailboxes unless your postal service provides you with direct service to your door. If your business deals with securing sensitive customer data, utilizing secure locking mailboxes will also help to reduce your business liability.

Having your mail locked up is a good added security measure against identity theft, and the added cost of keeping the mail locked up is a small price to pay compared to the much higher price you would have to pay to gain your credit back if your identity is stolen. Locking out the identity theft thieves is a good thing!

Eliminate Spam

Just when you thought you've seen it all, think again! Here's a new way you can do away with spam!

You won't need any spam blockers, filters or spam destroyers because this technique will destroy all of the spam for you - lol.

Normally, spam is not something to laugh about because it can often mean your computer can get hit with malicious codes.

Sometimes though we just need to find some good humor in a bad thing. Be sure to leave it up to the professionals and don't try this one at home!

You'll see what I mean! Have fun as you check out this new way to eliminate spam!

Insurance, the Probability and Need for It

Some people feel that the likely-hood or probability of a potential disaster is good reason to NOT insure their house or car.

Of course the probability of a car accident for most is far more likely to occur than submitting a claim for your homeowners insurance.

As for me and my house we would much rather be protected against a disaster or a car accident then to be without coverage.

This video commercial has three humorous events demonstrating some reasons for the need of insurance, and the probability to consider.

Be sure to watch the entire video to get a good laugh for the day! Have fun!

Saving Money an Easy Way

Saving money doesn't come easy for most people. I think one problem some are faced with is believing how much a little bit of money saved can add up. This is especially true if you have the time value of money on your side, which simply means you're young enough to have even small amounts of cash add up for you if it's invested wisely.

Every person has to find what works for them when it comes to putting away their hard cold cash. One way to stay focused on putting away even small amounts of money is to focus on a financial goal. Perhaps you want to focus on waterfront property as a long term goal, or maybe it's a vacation for a short term goal. Whatever your focus is, having a specific goal can help you to stay on target with saving for a rainy day.

One way to save money is to identify how much you saved by spending less! Here's one example of what I mean with how you can begin to save a large amount, by saving just a little money every day. It all adds up!

Identity Theft Prevention Tip

Identity theft can occur at any moment and any of us can become a victim. There are some precautions you can take for identity theft prevention, and they are easy to do in comparison to the problems you'll experience if you become a victim of identity theft.

One way to prevent identity theft is to establish specific routines that you know will provide you with a safe defense against the crime. As an example, there are precautions that I always take when I go to refuel my car. I was happy to find this video because it demonstrates the same identity theft precautions I exercise each time I go to refuel my car. Sometimes I feel my precautions are over-zealous, but after watching an actual crime on this video it confirms I've been exercising a good line of defense against identity theft.

In less than five minutes, this video will increase your awareness for an effective identity theft prevention tactic that could save you big dollars, and a significant amount of grief. It's well worth a few minutes of your time.

Telecommuting and Casual Friday

Although it isn't Friday, I read an interesting article about casual Friday, which brought some things to mind in regards to telecommuting. Although casual Friday can be fun at the workplace, with telecommuting it seems every day is a casual Friday! In fact it seems many days for telecommuters is "Jammie Day", which I'm not too fond of. It gets boring enough as it is wearing just casual clothes every day, let alone pajamas.

If you telecommute I think it's important to still look your best to feel your best. For me, staying in my jammies all day makes me feel frumpy and just all around bummed out. Whenever I telecommute in my pajamas, I can attest that I don't feel my best. I guess the reason it's like that for me is because when I grew up staying in your pajamas all day meant you weren't feeling well or we were home from school due to illness. Perhaps there's an unhealthy psychological message for some of us from wearing pajamas as we telecommute?

When I speak to someone over the phone I also feel odd wearing my pajamas. Call me odd if you wish, but even though the person I speak to can't see me, I still feel strange.

One other thought I wanted to share is for those of you who have a tendency toward depression. I find that if I dress as I would if I worked elsewhere, than overall I feel much better about myself, and the day in general, but if I remain in my pajamas until late in the day I feel odd. At the very least dressing as I would for casual Friday I feel much more optimistic about my day, and my life in general.

I'm not attempting to judge those of you who prefer to wear your pajamas while telecommuting, but if you are not feeling good about yourself you may want to change the habit and start your day well groomed. I know it affects me psychologically, so perhaps it does you as well. Every day can still be like a casual Friday, but you may find that it makes you feel better to groom yourself at least as good as a casual Friday at the office. If you've telecommuted in your pajamas and don't feel good about your work life, try breaking the habit and you'll perhaps be amazed at how much better you feel.

Work at Home Training Materials Scam

While reading about yet another work at home scam, I realized you may not be aware of what I refer to as the "work at home training materials scam".

How the Work at Home Training Material Scam Works

First off, understand that a legitimate employer will not request you to pay them for training materials to do their work! Many however, still fall victim to the scams that are nothing more then asking you to pay for training materials so they can walk away after you've sent the funds through PayPal.

What are the training materials that you end up with, and what do they train you to do?

For the work at home training materials scam, what the person generally ends up receiving for their training materials is information on how to then turn around and scam other people out of their money for them to do the same thing, but only this time to buy the training materials from you. The training materials is nothing more than some computer documents emailed to you.

How do you recognize the scam?

It's quite easy to recognize the work at home training materials scam. Generally one of the first indicators is the fact that they are willing to hire you without requiring any experience for the position, and they are willing to hire you without conducting an interview.

Next, the obvious then comes to light when they ask you to pay for the training materials to begin your work at home telecommuting position. Play it safe, and avoid all of the work at home training materials scams, and never send anyone money for training materials. The work at home training materials scam is one scam you can easily avoid.

Work at Home Resource

Looking for a work at home telecommuting position? If so, you've perhaps already discovered that there are many work at home scams claiming to be the "job" and opportunity for you. With the vast majority work at home offers being scams, you must do a significant amount of homework to not fall prey to a work at home scam.

Utilizing a variety of reliable sources for information is also helpful. Often those sources lead to legitimate offers available to work from home. Some of those offers may have already been pre-screened prior to the resource providing links to the opportunities. When you do find an opportunity that sounds like the one for you, and if you apply for the position you will most likely find yourself getting more support from your family if they know you did your research before applying for a work at home opportunity. A little bit of research goes a long way to avoid the work from home scams everywhere.

Doing some additional research in regards to other work at home and telecommuting tips can also lead you to some other avenues increasing your chances for succeeding at a work at home position. Who knows, you might even get lucky and land your dream career that you can work from home!

One such resource that has some great work at home articles to read is the CNN site. I didn't realize they had such a great work at home telecommuting section on their site until reading about it this evening in a forum I frequent. Good luck to you as you pursue your work at home dream career!

Work at Home Scam Statistics

Telecommuters are individuals, and some were born out of rebellion against the rat race. As family demands grow, and as traffic becomes unbearable in many geographical areas, it's no surprise that more people are in search of work from home. As the Internet has become more powerful, more employers also have come to understand the benefits of hiring people to work from their homes.

In the pursuit to rebel against the rat race it is easy to fall prey to the many work at home scams throughout the Internet. If you're looking for a work at home position, you will be interested in learning this statistic. According to Rat Race Rebellion, they state;
For every 43 work at home leads researched, there is only 1 legitimate work at home opportunity!
That's an interesting statistic that every telecommuting wanna-be should know! The bottom line for avoiding work at home scams is to do your homework thoroughly. You must be willing to move forward with caution, and not allow your common sense and good judgment to be fooled by the scammers in order to determine what's a legitimate offer vs a scam.

When it comes to employment opportunities, there's always competition for the best positions. However, with a telecommuting position a person has to be prepared to not just be faced with competition, but also faced with the possibility of being a victim of a scam if the proper precautions are not taken.

If you've been led to believe that you can easily locate a telecommuting position, think again! It's obvious that one has much more research to complete, and a longer search ahead of them in order to find a legitimate work at home opportunity. If you're looking to find a work at home telecommuting position plan on investing a greater amount of time to land the perfect opportunity.

Life Insurance Policy Exclusions

Are you familiar with what your life insurance policy exclusions may be? Generally with life insurance the old saying, "You pay. You die. They pay." applies.

However, with some types of coverage such as accidental death and dismemberment there are exclusions you would want to be aware of.

In comparison to even inexpensive term life insurance, accidental death coverage is very cheap due to the exclusions in the accidental death contracts. Another concern is if you were to get killed by robots - lol.

With life insurance contracts in general you may also not be covered if you engage in dangerous sports or fly aircraft unless you have the proper riders or rating if death occurs from those events.

Although it's not common, some contracts will not cover the death of the insured if death occurred from an act of war.

Happy 4th of July!

Piggybacking Credit To End

It isn't news to anyone that credit card lending has become quite a problem in every society. Many have obtained way too much debt by their over zealous use of credit cards, resulting in the inability for them to pay back the large amount of consumer debt they racked up. This contributes to the destruction of ones credit worthiness and has created the need for more people to take advantage of loopholes to boost their credit.

Back in December I wrote an article, "Should You Lend Your Good Credit?" in regards to the technique known as "piggybacking" and provided my two cents worth in regards to the loophole used by those needing to improve their credit. In my article about piggybacking I stated;
Essentially an individual who establishes good credit through the method of piggybacking has done so in a seemingly fraudulent manner. With the piggybacking credit method, it seems the mortgage industry is not only potentially defrauded by those who practice piggybacking, but also by the credit rating agencies who allow ones credit to be boosted by piggybacking strategies.
The problem I referred to above is exactly what has come to light for the lending industry, as they determined it poised a challenge for them to accurately determine ones credit worthiness if they had benefited from the piggybacking method to boost their credit scores. I also felt it was a bad opportunity for those wishing to sell their credit because it encouraged people to apply for even more credit cards to sell to piggybackers.

Now the lending industry has been enlightened to the problems it has presented them, as the volume of those utilizing the system increased due to the Internet. The opportunity for one to piggyback off another persons credit cards is coming to an end!

Overall, I feel this is a good decision for the lending industry, and allows them to return to rewarding those who truly deserve good lending rates, and not rewarding those who obtained a better score through a credit card and lending loophole. No more piggybacking credit!

Avoid Work at Home Scams

Money laundering and the Nigerian scams are all over the place on the Internet and often come through spoof or spam emails. It's discouraging to me how many people do not bother to report those to the authorities when they come across them. You should consider contacting the authorities such as the Secret Service to report money laundering scams you encounter. One key role of the Secret Service is for going after money laundering fraudsters. It's very important to report money laundering in order to help eliminate that problem. One reason is due to the fact that money laundering is very destructive to any economy!

So, please report those as you are approached by those crooks or come across those scams! NEVER respond to the person by telling them that you will turn them in! By doing so they may then erase the potential tracks such as websites or emails that the authorities can use to catch them! It's best to not respond to those emails at all, and simply report them!

One helpful tip I would like you to think about is the problem with submitting your resume to a website such as The problem with doing so is that it opens the door to you receiving tons of offers from those attempting to find their next victim of their Nigerian scam or of money laundering. For that reason, I've never posted my resume to an online site such as Monster. Then when I do get a spoof offer from someone using their site for a scam I know right away it's spoof. That in fact was exactly what occurred today in my email. I ended up getting a spoof offer purporting to be from Monster, which it was not! The spoof email represents yet another fraudster I need to report!

You do have to be a watch dog and exercise a great deal of caution in order to not fall for many of the work at home scams that are waiting for their next victim. Hopefully you will not be the next victim!

Drugs Make People Ugly

Do you like to look at the before and after photos of someone who has a makeover? The money con artist drug lords are the blame for the horrible transformation demonstrated in this video.

They are always interesting to look at when you see how people can be transformed into a different look with just the right hairstyle or makeup. In this case just the opposite has occurred, and the person is far worse looking because of drugs, and specifically meth.

Need some ammunition for a friend or loved one that is starting down the path of drug addiction? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case it's a short video on how drugs make people ugly.

If you're not familiar with what the drug meth does to people one of the effects of the drug causes the person to develop terrible sores, partly because they develop nervous habits of picking at their skin - ugh!

Enough said, I'll let the video be worth more than a thousand words, and may God help those who need to be set free.

Male Auto Insurance Rates

If you're a young man not yet at the magical age of 25 when auto rates typically are lowered, you may want to listen to this video to learn some possible angles for negotiating better auto insurance rates!

If you're not male, and older or younger than 25 you will also find this to be rather humorous. Have fun!

Web of Deceit

This is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs -- that is, if you're a spider! The web of deceit spun by money con artist drug lords - with eight legs is well demonstrated here. Lol.

Identity Theft, Fraud & You!

Learning some basics will certainly be an added advantage to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. This video is a good resource for some quick steps for protecting yourself from identity theft. It's worth the time to take five minutes to watch it.

Strange Things May Occur

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room or other unfamiliar place, and had a creepy feeling? Stephen King is probably one of the best for giving someone the creeps, and once again it appears he will pull it off in the 1408 Movie, starring John Cusack.

Do you believe in the supernatural? I absolutely do, and I believe each of us as human beings experience supernatural occurrences more often that what we are even aware of. If you've never experienced the supernatural, think again. You probably have.

You may prefer to call apparitions ghosts and believe that they are human spirits who have passed on into the life ever-after, but there are some apparitions that are not ghosts, but rather demonic spirits masquerading themselves as human spirits. Then there are also visions. Believe what you want to believe, and like it or not, but the fact is that demonic spirits really do exist and are not a force to mess around with.

Maybe if you watch the trailer for the 1408 Movie you'll think differently than you have before. In the movie the father of a little girl who loses his daughter had not had an experience with seeing ghosts. Things changed for him with his beliefs after staying in room 1408, where no one ever lasts an hour! Would you?

One of the most frightening experiences I ever had in my lifetime was messing around with a Ouija board when I was around twelve years of age. My older sisters and I even got the Ouija board to swear at us and it was very scary to say the least. We placed a Bible on the board and asked it's opinion of the Bible -- that's when we got cussed out, and it was the last time we used the board.

I could write for some time about my experiences in life in regards to things such as that, but it's really off topic for this blog. However, I couldn't resist to post this since it was a good opportunity to get a good bit of pay for a post. You might not want to watch this video trailer in a dark room.

Tips to Reduce Your Debt

If you're looking for some great debt reduction tips, one of my blogging friends shares some great tips for "Blogging Away Debt". It's a good place to learn ways on how to eliminate credit card debt and other debts.

She featured one of my articles, "Volatile Financial Cocktail" if you would like to hop over there and snoop around. Thanks Tricia for featuring my article on your blog!

Rehab for Addiction

Every society battles some of the same problems. In addition to crime being common among every society, another battle that goes right along with it is drug abuse. In fact, statistics abroad prove that crime is often caused as a result of drug abuse and drug addiction.

Addiction to drugs can evolve from innocent beginnings. Often times people who suffer from chronic pain end up being addicted to pain killers and next thing you know they are then abusing other drugs and become addicted to illegal substances.

Personally I think the drug companies and doctors should be held more accountable and there needs to be a better way to track prescriptions for individuals who receive them from multiple doctors.

One case that certainly comes to mind is the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Unfortunately the rich are the ones who often become involved in drug addiction. Although they may not have to commit a crime in order to purchase their drugs, they still can become a danger to themselves and society.

The only saving grace for many drug addicts is to get them into a good drug rehab program. If you have a loved one or friend that needs help, don't spare any time attempting to get them into a rehab program.

By referring a friend or loved one to a rehab service you may save their life, livelihood, family and overall quality of their life.

Working Out of Your Home

Making money on the Internet is really not much different than any other type of business, yet many people expect it to be something completely different and expect to make a quick buck and a huge amount of money.

Making a large amount of money certainly is a possibility, but it isn't going to occur overnight! Maybe that myth came into play because we enjoy working from home, and telecommuting in our jammies. Well, okay maybe not everyone does that!

If you plan to be working out of your home, you really need a solid plan and strategy for exactly how you are going to develop your income and it needs to be treated like any other business.

If a person doesn't have a plan they are more likely to be a target of scam artists wanting to sell their program, and next thing you know the person ends up spending money rather than bringing in an income. Of course, no business is going to develop without some investment, but there are many scam artists on the Internet that want you to believe you can make a fortune and make it happen quickly. It generally just isn't so, and takes a great deal of hard work.

Working from your home in jammies is in fact more difficult as a way to bring in an income because it takes greater discipline, and a solid plan. Unfortunately the scam artists also make it more difficult for those seeking a legitimate opportunity.

If you're planning to work from home, be sure to have a plan so you are not easily persuaded by programs only seeking to make money from you, rather than helping you to prosper while working from your home.

Has Identity Theft Got You Down?

If identity theft has got you down, you will want to know what to do, and quickly! The faster you are able to respond to identity theft the quicker you can put an end to it. Here's a great article on eight steps to follow if you're a victim.

Hoax in Your Email Box

I've come to the conclusion that there must be a large number of bored people out there. Why otherwise would someone want to send their friends an email which promises something for nothing? You, I'm sure are well acquainted with the type of email I'm referring to. Within the text of the email you are promised something such as good luck, unexpected money, or a gift in return if you quickly send it off to say ten other friends in your email address book.

Some of those are nothing more than the creation of a bored individual, while others could be the work of a malicious virus within the email set out to destroy as long as it remains in circulation. If it promises something for nothing, or contains manipulative verbage coaxing a recipient to send it off to others, it's probably best to send it into the trash.

Confused About a Home Mortgage?

Are you in the market for a home Mortgage?

Confused about the various types of mortgages and what would be best for you?

It's not surprising if you're confused, and most are confused when it comes to understanding what charges are applicable and what they are for.

The best way to eliminate any potential confusion is to do your homework!

You don't have to become a pro to get the basics down and in the long run you will be glad you did your research, and check out your available resources.

While you are dreaming about your next home purchase, here's a mortgage story to remember for a laugh:
Loan for Kermit! Image: Pxhere

Did you hear about Mr. Frog, who desired to purchase a dream condominium at "The Lily Pad Estates"?

He went to the bank and was greeted by Miss. Paddy Whack who attempted to help Mr. Frog with his loan.

Unfortunately, Mr. Frog did not have any credit established so he was met with resistance when Miss. Paddy Whack said, "I'm sorry Mr. Frog, but you will need to present us with some collateral since you lack the credit history required."

Mr. Frog departed the bank feeling sad and rejected, yet with determination he would find a way to establish a mortgage for his dream condominium.

He quickly grabbed his best prized possession, which was a pink porcelain pig!

Returning to the bank with his collateral, he once again met with Miss. Paddy Whack.

She examined his collateral and didn't know what to think, so she called in the bank president, Mr. Pauly Wog.

He looked over the pink porcelain pig with much scrutiny. He turned the pink porcelain pig over and read on the bottom, "Made in Japan" and suddenly he exclaimed, "Oh, it's a knick knack Miss. Paddy Whack! Give the frog the loan!"

If you are ready for your next home mortgage, you have a little humor to share with your mortgage lender!