Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Earn Money by Advertising on Your Car Etc

If you've surfed the Internet for any length of time you most likely have seen this so-called income earning opportunity, which pays you to place advertisements on your automobile, wear t-shirts etc with someones branding. Unfortunately, among the legitimate offers there are always other ones waiting to take the cash from participants rather than paying cash to them. Without naming any particular companies, the offer goes like this:

You register and sign up to advertise. In return you receive bumper stickers, window stickers, a t-shirt etc., all with the companies branding. So, what's the catch? You have to spend $20.00 for the kit when you register. Sounds more to me like a person paying a company to advertise for them, rather than the company paying to advertise - lol. Not exactly the way it should work.

Although there are probably legit offers out there to advertise for a business by placing their logo on your automobile, or by wearing a t-shirt etc., just remember that the real opportunities are not going to make a request for you to spend money to pay for their signage, or other logo material.

Just my two cents worth today in regards to the illusion one can get caught up with when pursuing extra income.

Forex Trading Behaviors

Do you trade the Forex or are you practicing with a Forex demo account? How are your trading behaviors? In other words, do you enter into a long position too high on the market pattern, or enter a short position too low? If you're human, you've probably experienced that challenge and get fed up with your Forex trading behavior - lol.

It's time to take a stand and get in control of the market, rather than allowing the market trends to control your behavior! Just a short forex lesson here that I've learned - don't be so quick to enter or to exit a trade! Take the time to study the various Forex time charts and periodicity to really take control of your trading.

Studying the various time charts and periods will enable you to recognize the forex market patterns and give you greater insight on what might happen next with the market, rather than allowing your emotions to cause you to trade with bad trading behaviors.

Hopefully, if you're like me you're using or have used a Forex demo account to learn from your mistakes, and to retrain your brain with proper trading behaviors. The importance of learning proper trading behaviors is to really train your brain! You'll want to be careful you don't repeat the same trading errors so the behavior doesn't become ingrained.

So slow down and examine what your trading strategy needs to be and put a stop to bad trading behaviors! That's it! Hope my little Forex trading tips help you with your trading! If this doesn't at least benefit anyone else, at least for me it's a lesson I'm learning myself. Happy trading!

Fix the US Economy With 40 Trillion Dollars

Recently there was an article titled, "How to Fix the Economy" which has been circulating through emails. It proposes for the US Government to pay 40 million dollars each to 40 million people over 50 years of age severance pay for early retirement. The article incorrectly stated it would cost 40 billion for the Government to do this, however the correct dollar amount is 40 trillion, not 40 billion! Did you get that message in your inbox, and did you catch the mathematical error?

Although the concept sounds great, 40 trillion dollars far exceeds our current national debt, so they would have to reduce the dollar amount significantly to make it work. To read the full story, you can check out Snopes.

Times are tough, and time will tell what will develop with our economy. In the meantime, if our Government wants to pay me a million bucks retirement severance, I wouldn't complain - lol.

The Balance of Money and Promises

For many things in life there must be balance, and it's no different for money, and the promise to pay back a mortgage or other type of loan. The balance of money and promises in the US has gone awry, causing our financial crisis, which of course has affected the entire world. So, what happened? For a quick understanding of what happened to our economy, this is a great visual aid, and done in a simple enough manner that even your teenagers will understand.

Although it's not a complete picture of what occurred, it provides an understanding of the major challenges leading to our current economic woes. One point not mentioned in this video is the fact that our economy was also affected by corporate corruption, causing much distrust for investing in company stocks, which also had a major impact on our stock market. There are of course other reasons for our economic woes, but again this is a great visual aid and explanation for a basic understanding.

The Get Rich Quick Money Illusion

A common erroneous perception or money illusion in our society, is the belief that a person can get rich quick. Although it may seem that some get rich quick, most often a person who seemed to get rich quick didn't do it overnight, but rather over many years.

Most of us live in a push-button society full of marketing gimmicks and marketers sensationalizing the truth, making it easy to be fooled into believing the road to wealth can be easy, quick, and painless, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Those who have acquired their wealth and who have become self-made millionaires did it as a result of many years of diligence and hard work, exceeding that of an average person. Quite simply, most take years to get there, and generally after failing multiple times prior to succeeding. There really isn't a get rich quick route, and most people don't persevere long enough to make it happen because something or someone discouraging them sets up a detour along their path to get rich.

The next time you are presented with a potential get rich quick opportunity, take a great deal of time to digest the information! Do extensive research and make sure it's not going to lead you down the path of a money illusion, resulting in much disappointment, and possibly a large financial loss that you may not be able to ever recover from.

Money Illusion of Flipping Houses or Realestate

What was once a potentially a lucrative idea, house flipping has become a nightmare for some. With the economic changes causing the realestate market to die, house flipping for many perhaps turned into a flop. With the significant drop in realestate prices in most of the US realestate market, the hope of the house flipper to make a profit has dwindled. Only the real savvy house flippers probably survived, but for the rest it may have only been an illusion as their house flipping has flopped, and they perhaps are now stuck with a mortgage for a much longer term than they anticipated.

To every nightmare there can be some whimsy or humor found somehow! If you like the topic of flipping houses or flipping realestate, then you might find "Flip or Flop Home Edition" realestate game to be fun, or you might want to try some other money games. Have to find some humor in life to make things go lighter! So, the question in regards to house flipping is, "Will it flip or will it be a flop?"