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Bait and Switch Money Illusion Tip

If there was ever a deceptive marketing illusion that a retailer pulls off, it's probably the bait and switch technique. With the current state of our economy, many retailers are desperate to bring in the money, and may use the bait and switch technique to increase their revenues. Will you be watching your dollars, or will you become a victim of bait and switch?

You may not be familiar with the bait and switch technique. If you do understand what it is, it's still easy to become a targeted consumer. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) makes it clear that bait and switch is a deceptive practice, but ultimately you as the consumer are the one that needs to keep an eye on your pocketbook!

Bait and switch occurs when a business advertises a specific product but then fails to provide either that product, or a substitution of the same quality and price, and steers you to purchase a more expensive selection. Their hope is that the consumer will pay more for the substitution, but that is an unfair practice, and according to the FTC bait and switch is a form of fraud.

A recent experience of my own will serve well as an example of a potential bait and switch technique. While at a restaurant my friend and I each ordered a glass of wine. The server returned to our table to let us know they were out of what we selected, and she offered a different selection in it's place, and without providing any information as to any price difference. The assumption a consumer will make would be that the store, retailer, or in this case restaurant, would charge the same amount.

Understanding bait and switch, I was careful to examine the bill before paying, only to discover that they were going to attempt to collect several more dollars than our original selection would have cost. In that they offered it as a substitute I insisted that they honor the price of our original selection shown in the menu and they agreed.

However, what about their other consumers who didn't pay attention or understand a potential bait and switch technique? Obviously they'll probably pay more without even realizing what occurred. My hope is that by reading this article, you can save some extra dollars by not becoming a victim of bait and switch, which is a money illusion!