Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Scam Artists Online Steal Your Money

Online scams are promoted from various approaches, and it seems there isn't any industry, service or product line that is immune to scams. If you've spent any amount of time online over the years then you already know that to be true.

The crooks will also use online dating services to try to get what they're looking for, which is generally money. Some of those scams start with tons of flattery etc., to attempt to gain a persons interest, and then their trust in order to follow the scam artists instructions.

Here's an example of one of the scams that starts out like this: "Do you know what it is like to look up into the velvet night sky, and yet not see the stars? Do you know what it is like to see the song birds sing their sweet music, and yet not hear their sound?..." It goes on for quite a few paragraphs and is generally sent via a private messaging system or chat line. What would a scam artist do with such a story? Here is an example of what one dating scam artist did with the above story to extract money from people.

As you read the story at their website about the dating scam artist keep in mind that photos and/or names they use are probably not their real photos or names. After all, why would a scam artist want you to know what they really look like? They wouldn't!

One last point to keep in mind is to never give out your email address when you could instead just use the private messaging service within the online service you may subscribe to. Plus, avoid falling for the scam artist's who want to send you a photo via email that they are not willing to post within their online profile. Stay safe as you protect yourself from dating scam artists!

Charge Card Skimmers Ilusion

Money illusions are everywhere, and the identity thieves are experts at creating an illusion to obtain your credit card numbers and pin numbers. Earlier this year we made our readers aware of the debit and credit card readers that are fraudulently placed at your local ATM machines and other locations.

Recently another incident of this form of identity theft has occurred and was reported on the Money Safe on Q13 Fox News. The readers are known as "skimmers", and unfortunately are relatively easy for the crooks to obtain. But, if you're armed with the knowledge of what to look for then you will be able to protect yourself from potential fraud.

Skimmers and credit debit card readers will possibly show up at your local ATM or other location! Will you be aware of what they are? If not, you may become a victim of an illusion - the illusion created to make you think they are legit when they are in fact not. Stay safe and learn about the card skimmers.