Money Smart Educational Solution

The more you can educate yourself and your children about money, the greater your defense to build a healthier financial future. Have you stopped by the FDIC's site to learn all you can about money from their computer-based training videos? I just went through several of their videos and found the videos to be a great resource to help educate your children too!

There are numerous money smart videos to help increase a person's knowledge about banking, acquiring a home mortgage etc. They are free to use and can be accessed from the Internet at any time. Stop on over when you have some free time and run through their Money Smart program. It's not only great for adults, but for educating your kids too! Just one note -- they require you to enable cookies on your computer to access the videos.

Coupons for A Dollar Saved

Here's a quick penny pincher tip to save you at least one dollar! Spending one dollar less here and there adds up. To some it isn't worth their time to bother trying to save a dollar, but to many others it's a blessing.

The other day while running some errands, I went to the Dollar Store. I bought a trial-sized box of cereal, and after returning home I noticed a coupon on the back of the box. The coupon was for $1.00 off a regular sized box. This made the purchase for the trial-sized box a real bargain since it was only a dollar -- the same value of the coupon on the box!

The next time you shop at a Dollar Store be sure to look for coupons on the trial-sized products you purchase. Your dollar spent just may turn out to be a dollar saved, if you end up with a dollar coupon to redeem later.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

It seems to be a never-ending frustration when we wonder what happens to all the money we pay in taxes. While on my walk yesterday I crossed the street to use the sidewalk on the other side. That was when this silly thought came to mind. We have all been asked, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and yesterday I finally figured out why - lol.

The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side where the sidewalk was because our tax dollars are not enough to have sidewalks on both sides of a street since the government has all their eggs in one basket. LOL - pardon my pun. Just a silly thought I wanted to share!

Penny Pincher Tip for Dollar Menu

With the current prices for gasoline many of us are looking to pinch more pennies in order to keep up with the fuel costs. One way to pinch your pennies is by making use of the dollar menus at your favorite fast food restaurant when you eat out.

Yesterday I made use of the dollar menu when I needed a quick snack while running errands. At our nearby McDonalds I ordered 3 boxes of McNuggets off their dollar menu. There are 4 nuggets in each box, making it a total of 12 nuggets from the three boxes for the total price of $3.00. If I had ordered one ten piece nugget box from their regular menu it would have cost me $4.39, resulting in a savings of $1.39 simply by ordering off the dollar menu! Plus, I received 12 nuggets instead of only 10 by using their dollar menu!

The total savings of $1.39 for this penny pincher tip was well worth the savings when I then pulled up to the pump at the gas station for my last errand. Of course with the current price of fuel $1.39 savings to use toward gasoline probably only bought me some gas fumes - lol, but some fumes is better than none!

So, the next time you stop to get a fast food snack, be sure to always check the dollar menu first so you can pinch more pennies!

Debt Reduction Planning Tips and Tools

It's easy to get caught up into the belief that we have more money to work with when we fall prey to using credit cards and other consumer debt to acquire things we either want, need, or think we need!

Ninety days same-as-cash, six months, or twelve months same-as-cash are actually a great way to make purchases with borrowed money, and it's the method that is my personal favorite. There's nothing better than using same-as-cash as an ideal financial leverage. However, you will only want to take on the amount of same-as-cash accounts that you know you can have paid off before the end of the promotional time period! Otherwise, you will end up paying interest on the purchases you made and therefore defeat your purpose of making use of the same-as-cash strategy.

One word of caution in regards to the same-as-cash account strategy is the fact that you also don't want to have too many active and open accounts on your credit record since it will lower your credit score. My word of advice is to therefore only select several stores you would most likely frequent and make use of their same-as-cash promotional offers. For example, if you frequent several hardware or home improvement stores, choose your favorite store and only open an account with that one store, not both. That will help you to keep the number of open accounts on your credit score down to a minimum.

If you want to reduce and eliminate your consumer debt you need to have a solid plan to strategically attack the challenge. There are many resources available to help you reduce your debt, and you will find many good resources to get you started with this debt reduction planning tools list. Please note that we will be adding other resources to the list, but here's some links to get you started:

5 Steps Toward Debt Reduction for the Do-It-Yourself Approach
The article at the link above is a great 5 step program to strategically begin your plan and how to approach debt reduction.

Anyone Can Become Debt Free
Some believe that only the rich can eliminate their debt, but Dave Ramsey's article will explain why that is only a myth.

Penny Pincher Tip to Remove the Sting

Last year I read a tip somewhere online that gave a great reason to save your pennies - well at least one penny that is! This isn't my usual penny pincher tip, but then again this certainly could pinch your pennies because it may save you from spending money at a doctor's office or worse yet, a hospital!

I'm into home remedies whenever possible and today I just happened to be in need of one when I recalled the tip I read about a copper penny. I had just returned to my car after a walk along a nearby beach when suddenly I felt a searing pain on my left forearm. Then I saw it - a huge bumble bee had just stung my arm - ugh!

The last time I got stung several years ago I ended up going to the hospital and I was determined to not have to go again this time. That was when I remembered that the copper in a penny somehow counteracts the venom from a bee sting! Fortunately the stinger wasn't left in my arm, and I also happened to have a penny at hand!

Now I'm a believer in this home remedy because it worked amazingly well! I applied the penny with pressure for about 20 minutes, which immediately eliminated the pain from the sting and the small amount of swelling that began to occur went away! Now it's been about 4 hours since I was stung and there is only a red mark from where the stinger went in. Other than that there is no swelling and no pain!

So, never underestimate the power of one copper penny! In this case it saved me a trip to the doctor or hospital. Be sure to save your pennies and keep some in your car and first-aid kit! Hey -- this really is a great penny pincher tip since you only have to spend a penny to treat a bee sting! (Unless of course you have a more serious reaction causing you to get treatment from a doctor or emergency service!)

UPDATE: Days 2 - 4
The first day of my bee sting the copper penny tip worked great. However, during the early hours of the next morning I had to apply a penny again and left it taped on due to irritation from the sting.

Later that same day (day 2) my arm began to swell and although the swelling remained fairly localized, it became obvious that the penny itself was not sufficient treatment. Now I'm on day 4 and the localized swelling has begun to go down but a red area about 3 inches out from the bite still remains.

Obviously, if you react badly to stings as I normally do, you will want to seek other treatment. My conclusion is that the penny worked as a great method to help reduce the amount of reaction given the fact that it was the only resource I had available at the time to treat the sting, but certainly should not be viewed as the only remedy one should seek. That's my personal experience and hope my penny pincher tip helps to remove the sting!