Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

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Earning Money from a Telecommuting Scam

Earning money from home is an ideal opportunity for many people, and especially for those who have children at home. Finding a legitimate work at home or telecommuting position can be difficult, and it makes it even more so when you have to eliminate the work at home scams.

Money laundering is often the foundation of a work at home scam, but many people don't understand how to recognize a money laundering scam in order to avoid it. The innocent victims who do get involved in a money laundering operation can find themselves faced with prison time and/or fines to pay! Ignorance to the law does not provide a victim with mercy, so if you are looking for a telecommuting or work at home position be sure you do your homework.

Below you will find an employment offer that has been posted on some of the career sites, and some have received it from an unsolicited email. After you read the information for the advertisement below, I've added a brief explanation to point out several warning signs as to why this type of offer must be avoided.

You will post advertising ads in your local newspapers and magazines, such as sales ads, employment ads or real estate ads. We are an Advertising company with headquarter in Europe, Germany. We need your services in US for the specified position, Newspaper Agent. You will spend max. 2-4 hours weekly, in your spare time. You do NOT need special skills or degrees. The position is very easy and can be done by anyone without the necessity to leave your current job! If you ever placed an ad in one newspaper, is that easy.

All you have to do is place the ads from home calling newspapers at toll free numbers or online, of course after you receive the content that must be posted from us and the money needed to post in newspapers. Almost all our ads are employment ads from various Europe companies that want to have ads in USA but we may also have ads from US companies that must place ads in Europe Newspapers. Yes, we will provide the money to post in newspapers. You will not anything on your money. Once you have our money for the ads in hand you will receive detailed info how to complete all tasks. You just have to call the newspaper and place the ad. There will be 4-10 ads placed weekly, for each ad you post you are paid with $100, you will deduct your share from money we send you to post the ads.


- US Citizen
- computer with e-mail; Check your email daily
- You must have over 22 years old
- 2-3 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening / non-business hours) for communication;

You will enjoy working from home on your computer, without needing employees. You can earn a full-time income in as little as 2-3 hours/week, in your spare time. You will need no money to work for us, just fill the form below with your personal information and send it back to us by e-mail. Below Completed form will be reviewed and our manager will contact you same day:


First name, Last name:
Full Address - NOT PO Box please:
City, State, Postal Zip Code:
Two E-mail addresses:
Phone# :

We will select papers from your US where the classified ads will be placed and will send you the funds to post. You need to place the ads in max. 48 hours after you receive the money from us! This is the only condition we ask.

How you are paid for your services: Like we specified, there will be 4-10 employment ads placed weekly, for each ad you post you are paid with $100, you will deduct your share from money we send you to post the ads.

After 30 days of testing period we will sign by mail contract for long-term. We provide 1099 form at the end of each year. Job is very simple and all terms are clear, however, do not apply for this job if you are not responsible. Your agreement will be considered an USA binding contract, you cannot apply now and refuse to do your tasks later. You will be recorded as our Employee and we'll pay taxes every time you will place an ad.


After one examines the offer at first it may sound like it is very legitimate, but look again and you'll find the gotcha's! What are the red flags that are present in this offer? Let's review what they are:

1. THE PAY IS TOO HIGH FOR THE TASK. If you think about it, what legitimate company is going to pay you $100.00 for the simple task of placing an advertisement in a newspaper or other publication?

2. BEWARE OF THE MONEY LAUNDERING SIGN! Look again and read how they will pay the individual they hire to do their dirty work, which is actually money laundering. Their ad stated, "You will deduct your share from money we send you to post the ads." Anytime you see an offer that instructs you to deduct your share of money, it should be a red flag for you. That is how the crook hides the transfer of monies that he/she needs to launder. A legitimate company would pay for the advertisement expenses separately from the pay they send their employees or independent contractors.

3. A HUGE CONTRADICTION IN THEIR AD REVEALS THEIR DECEPTION. When you read the advertisement there are contradictions in regards to the status of the person they hire. This red flag is in the last paragraph of the offer. In one statement they tell the person, "We provide a 1099 form at the end of each year." If a person receives a 1099 from anyone it represents "non-employee" income and there was not any taxes taken out of the monies. That's why they must provide a 1099 form. However, they contradict themselves when they stated, "You will be recorded as our Employee and we'll pay taxes every time you will place an ad." In one statement they have referred to a 1099, which essentially proclaims they will not be withholding taxes, yet they then contradict themselves since they state they will hold out taxes. Obviously, any legitimate employer or entity hiring independent contractors would not have an offer listed with contradictions!

There may be other tell-tale signs in the offer proving that it is not a legitimate offer, but all one needs to know are the first three listed above to understand they need to steer clear of this money laundering scam. By all means, please make sure you avoid work at home scams!

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