Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Pranksters Doing the Cha Cha

You may think you're reading about a dance, but Cha Cha is actually a search engine system, which utilizes guides to help people find something on the Internet. Are you thinking about becoming a Cha Cha search guide?

You might want to do your research first and learn how your efforts and time attempting to make some money as a guide may prove to not be too fruitful due to the actions of pranksters. For some Cha Cha guides, they have discovered that a high percentage of those seeking the assistance of guides were pranksters!

Unfortunately, the Internet has become a breeding ground for foul play, and it looks like the pranksters have also managed to interfere with what could have been a good service for those seeking to find information on the Internet.

Britney Spears Hair Up for Auction

By now the news has saturated the media with the stories surrounding Britney Spears decision to shave her locks of hair off. The hair salon is now reportedly auctioning off her hair, and last I heard the auction already had bids around one million dollars.

Of course scandal will always follow such an act, and in this case there are already fraudsters trying to collect on the money game by claiming they also have her hair up for auction on ebay. However, the true party auctioning off her hair is the hair salon who shaved it.

I'm not one to talk much about celebrities, but just had to put my two cents worth in since someone of course is trying to fraudulently make money off her story by claiming they have her hair. What was she thinking anyhow?

Has Identity Theft Got You Down?

If identity theft has got you down, you will want to know what to do, and quickly! The faster you are able to respond to identity theft the quicker you can put an end to it. Here's a great article on eight steps to follow if you're a victim.

Quick & Painless Extra Income

Just thought I would share a little about PayPerPost in regards to the offers they have lately. Although a blogger can make some extra income by publishing through them, if you have a high page rank you can really do quite well, and especially if you also have a good Alexa rating!

They currently have an offer to publish for an advertiser, which actually pays the blogger $1,000.00 and no, that is not a mis-print! If you have not yet signed up with PayPerPost it is a great way to get paid to blog!

As stated by PayPerPost, "PPP makes sense for high traffic and low traffic blogs alike." so you might want to entertain the idea of becoming a postie. They provide offers ranging anywhere from credit, mortgages, insurance, to publishing ads for fashion, entertainment, fine jewelry, travel, and just about anything else you may think of. Most likely you would have at least one blog that you could earn money from using the PayPerPost program.

Does it mean that your blog will start to look like just a bunch of advertisements? No! Plus, you as the blogger select which advertisements you are interested in publishing, and you will always have your own posts between the ones with ads too. So have fun and make a bit of extra income with PayPerPost! They are a legit company to work for some extra dough.

Identity Theft as Your Roommate

Living expenses are high, and for those who are single it may require finding a roommate to make ends meet. Finding a roommate can be a difficult task, and especially if one does not have a large circle of friends or close acquaintances to draw from.

Finding someone who is trustworthy and a compatible person to share your space with is not a project you want to cut corners on. When a person is in need of a roommate because they are strapped financially, they may rush into making the wrong choice. Eventually this may result in worse financial challenges than simply being strapped for cash.

In closing, be very cautious when choosing the ultimate candidate, because you may find yourself living with identity theft as your roommate! For a man in our local area that is exactly what happened to him.

Identity Theft Found in a Phish Sandwich

In order to cope with some of the most annoying situations in life we sometimes just need to find some humor in the things that are bothersome. Although identity theft is no laughing matter, here's a little humor for you about the phishing scams we all sometimes find in our email box.

Did you come here with a hungry stomach? I assume you thought I would be serving a fish sandwich, but you may have noticed it is spelled p-h-i-s-h. Unless you're hooked on phonics you already know that a "phish" sandwich can't possibly be the same as a "fish" sandwich! So you should be saying, "Something is very phishy here!

Today my friends I'm sharing the recipe for a phish sandwich! You see, it would be boring if I talked about the ingredients of a fish sandwich since you already know that old recipe. Millions have been nibbling and feasting on the newer phish sandwiches, and most likely you will want to be updated with this newest recipe too!

Just be patient and I'll email the recipe to you in a jiffy. Okay? So go check your email now, and you will receive the recipe below... I'm sorry, but I'm having a problem seeing you through my computer screen. I assume you are retrieving your Phish Sandwich recipe through your email now. Right? Oh, there you are, now I see you!

You poor soul! I should have spelled that s-o-l-e, but I'll save that for later. As I was saying, "You poor soul!" There you are at your email box retrieving mail from your inbox filled with spam! Spam filters, and blockers, just don't do the job we want them to! Oh look, there's my emailed phishy recipe now!

Oh, my gosh! Your spam filter didn't filter the phish! The phish swam all the way upstream, and right past your filter, but it shouldn't have made it through! See what I mean about those filters? You're supposed to fry the phish! So, as a result, you now have my phish sandwich recipe:

Phish Sandwich
To serve a phish sandwich you will need the following ingredients:
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Ketchup (for those who are not phish sandwich purists)
  • Tarter Sauce
  • Phish (Oops, phish should have been the first ingredient listed. I almost forgot the star of the show!)

Millions of people have been receiving phishing scams in their email boxes. Today, I decided to rename phishing scams "phish sandwiches", otherwise this blog would be old news! Okay, now that you received my recipe by email here's how your sandwich gets assembled:

The crooks have come after your bread and butter with their scams to steal your identity. Their phishy emails say, "Lettuce get your updated password and user ID, or your account will be suspended and put on hold until you update the information!" Some recipients of these phish sandwiches don't realize it's really a cheesy deal! Even the most highly educated will sometimes take the bait, and find they’re in a nightmare while trying to ketchup to the criminals that stole their money and identity. So much for the tarter sauce!

By then the victim will be saying, "Will someone pleeease take the bite out of the phish sandwich!" Life bites when the criminals have robbed you. So what's a poor s-o-l-e to do? Hey, I warned you earlier that sole would swim in here somewhere!

I hope you enjoyed the flavor of my phishy sandwich. Now you have the o'phish-ial recipe! To take the bite out of the phish sandwich, send a funny phishy Ecard to a friend from the FTC on tips to identify phishing scams. You may save them from becoming a victim of identity theft!

Appropriately named, phishing can rob us of our passwords and other personal information. When successful, it is a form of identity theft, and we all need to be aware of the tactics used by the greedy thieves. To arm yourself with more information be sure to read the information available from the FTC's websites. Educate yourself so you don't take the bait!

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