Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Hoax in Your Email Box

I've come to the conclusion that there must be a large number of bored people out there. Why otherwise would someone want to send their friends an email which promises something for nothing? You, I'm sure are well acquainted with the type of email I'm referring to. Within the text of the email you are promised something such as good luck, unexpected money, or a gift in return if you quickly send it off to say ten other friends in your email address book.

Some of those are nothing more than the creation of a bored individual, while others could be the work of a malicious virus within the email set out to destroy as long as it remains in circulation. If it promises something for nothing, or contains manipulative verbage coaxing a recipient to send it off to others, it's probably best to send it into the trash.

Confused About a Home Mortgage?

Are you in the market for a home Mortgage? Confused about the various types of mortgages and what would be best for you? It's not surprising if you're confused, and most are confused when it comes to understanding what charges are applicable and what they are for.

The best way to eliminate any potential confusion is to do your homework! You don't have to become a pro to get the basics down and in the long run you will be glad you did your research.

Personal Home Loan Mortgages provides you with many resources to make a wise choice for your next home mortgage, so I encourage you to research their site.

While you are dreaming about your next home purchase, here's a mortgage story to remember for a laugh:
Did you hear about Mr. Frog, who desired to purchase a dream condominium at "The Lily Pad Estates"? He went to the bank and was greeted by Miss. Paddy Whack who attempted to help Mr. Frog with his loan. Unfortunately Mr. Frog did not have any credit established so he was met with resistance when Miss. Paddy Whack said, "I'm sorry Mr. Frog, but you will need to present us with some collateral since you lack the credit history required."
Mr. Frog departed from the bank sadly, but with determination to establish a mortgage for his dream condominium. He quickly grabbed his best prized possession, which was a pink porcelain pig.
Returning to the bank with his collateral, he once again met with Miss. Paddy Whack. She examined his collateral and didn't know what to think, so she called in the bank president Mr. Pauly Wog. He looked over the pink porcelain pig with much scrutiny. He turned the pink porcelain pig over and read on the bottom, "made in Japan" and suddenly he exclaimed, "It's a knick knack Miss. Paddy Whack! Give the frog the loan!"
Now that you are ready for your next home mortgage, you have a little humor to share with your mortgage lender!

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Auto Theft Security Tips

Keeping car thieves from stealing your pride and joy is not always an easy task. Auto theft is a popular crime among drug addicts, and as you know drug addiction is out of control in most of the world. That of course leads to more auto theft and it all becomes a vicious circle. Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) are also vulnerable, as thieves are even stealing those!

There are numerous ways you can protect your vehicle for added security and theft prevention. Auto alarms can easily be tampered with by the more savvy auto theft criminal. It doesn't mean you should dump your car alarm, but you should consider other means of improving your security.

If you are in the market for purchasing a new or used vehicle you may want to do additional research for which vehicles are targeted most often. You may assume that unless you drive a luxury car you may not be a target, but that simply is not true. One of the most popular vehicles for auto theft in past years has been the Toyota Camry since parts were so plentiful for the chop shops.

One method of beefing up your theft prevention strategy to protect your vehicles is called "glass etching" and it involves having traceable numbers etched into your auto glass.

No harm is done to your auto glass to get it done, but the auto thieves will not find your car as favorable as those without glass etching.

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Trust Your Gut Instinct in Telecommuting

As silly as it may sound, trusting your gut instinct works very well as a good scam-o-meter! If you are looking for a telecommuting position, you may have already learned there is an entire cesspool of rotten tricks and criminals waiting for you to take their bait.

If your gut instinct is telling you something just doesn't seem right, well most likely you need to listen to your gut instinct, which I'm sure you have realized has survived many tests! As an example, here's one fellow who had begun a companies training only to find out they were simply wanting to sell him something.

I was doing the training and everything, and almost got sucked in. I had a weird feeling about them in the beginning, as I have read all the reviews. But, you think, no, it will be different, I'll make it work. Well, during the final paperwork I was signing, I read very carefully. They wanted me to pay $29 deposit for a long distance service I didn't need. I have long distance. Then $18.95 thereafter. My question was why do i need to pay them for long distance when I have it? Right?

Although some companies will need to hire a telecommuter to do long distance phone calls, if they are legit they should not require you to purchase a long distance package from them! I would say this fellow's scam-o-meter, or in other words, his gut instinct worked just fine!

By the way, for those of you planning to lose weight around the old gut, your gut instinct will work just as well skinny too!