Are You a Victim of Money Laundering?

Every day a money con artist star is born, and the scammers have have attacked the Internet at full force.

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Money Laundering!

They are often found hiding within the offers for work at home (WAH) jobs, careers, and telecommuting opportunities.

Under an easy disguise their proliferation is accomplished by advertising in free job and career posting sites.

Career sites are a legitimate place to find many good job offers, but unfortunately, the money con artists have used those sites in their pursuit to recruit those unaware!

Many people become participants in money laundering schemes simply by not being aware of what money laundering really is!

I'm always happy to alert someone of the signs of those scams. Perhaps the example below will assist you to guard yourself against one such scam.

In the example below, there are some characteristics to identify, which reveal that their operation was nothing more than a disguise for money laundering. These are just a few traits:
  • Instructs their victim to open a bank account for receiving funds from customers or clients
  • The victim of the scam is the worker bee, who thought they were being hired for a legitimate work from home opportunity. But, instead they became what's known as a 'Money Mule'!
  • So called employee (the Money Mule) keeps a percentage of the funds received, and then forwards the remaining monies to the so-called employer - thus laundering the money.
If you're not familiar with the phrase, "Money Mule" it's easy to understand and remember what it means. A Mule typically carries a pack, and they transport what's in the pack - removing the labor and possible injury from the owner. Get the picture!

For greater clarification, a Money Mule in a money laundering scheme is the person who takes on the most significant risk, as they use their own bank account to move the money in, and out of.

The Money Mule Becomes One of the Victims of Money Laundering!

Now that I've pointed out several key characteristics, it makes it easier to identify the operation as a federal crime waiting to happen.

However, if you were not given the points above, would you have recognized this example below as money laundering? If not, I hope next time you will.

Either way, you can learn quite a bit by reading the article right here, to know more about the con artist money laundering scam. You will learn how to recognize what money laundering is, and how they use it in a work from home offer.

Example of an actual money laundering scam - posing as a work from home opportunity:

A lady applied for a job with a company. They sent her an email with information about the position, and she responded back telling them that she wanted to apply.

Fortunately, before she replied she was smart enough to recognize that something was not right with their offer! She then shared the information to ask the opinion of others as to whether or not it sounded like a scam.

She was able to avoid being yet another victim of money laundering!

Please note the spelling errors here are from the original she received, and spelling errors are often another sign that it is not a legitimate offer.

This is the offer the woman received (complete with their spelling errors):
This is what the process consist of: As you applying you need to forward us your bank information (account name, account number, routing number, bank name) that we may able to register merchant account to it, we suggest you to use separate bank account to exactly this job.
The merchant account registration process will take up to 7-10 days to complete. Once merchant is ready, it will be configured in 24-48 hours on our website and will start receiving payments from customers.
After we start selling, your exact duties will be in collecting payments from customers, it means that all payments will be forwarded to your bank account, you will be reporting to our sales manager about current status of how much orders collected.
In some cases you will be making or receiving calls from/to customers to discuss the order status or any other concerns, our sales manager will inform you if it will be required.
Corresponding payments to our financial department each payment day, this day will be set in further when orders start coming, usually each week. You will be get paid in the same day. Your salary will be equal 10% of the total amount you receive from our clients.

Hopefully this provided a greater understanding of how money laundering operations going about their dirty business.

Share the information so we can collectively reduce the chances of yet another person becoming a victim of money laundering!