Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Becoming Debt Free

There are many things in life that one may consider to be an adventure. For most, working toward the goal of becoming debt free is probably not considered to be an adventure, but it probably should be!

The goals we set are generally easier to accomplish if we have the right attitude as we set our sights for accomplishing the goal. So, think again - becoming debt free IS an adventure! If you think of it as a journey and adventure, it will add an element of fun to your goal, which will make it easier to achieve. So go ahead, and make your debt free goal an adventure! All it takes is a change of attitude!

Money Game for Kids to Count Money

Teaching children about money is important to do from an early age. Hands on training for spending money is a very good lesson for any child when you go to a store to make a purchase.

An easy way to train a child on how to pay the correct amount of money for an item, and how to be sure they receive the correct amount of change is to use the money game program. The money game program has three skill levels to learn from, and is a fun way for your child to visually understand how to use money to pay for an item.

The easy level will show them how to pay for an item, while the advanced levels show how to be sure they get the right amount of change. While training them with the advanced level, they'll learn the importance of knowing if they receive the correct amount of change from the clerk, rather than just assuming they do.

The image is from the money game program (link is no longer online).

To solve quizzes from the money game program, you simply drag the correct amounts of dollars and change into the right field, and then click done when you have completed each quiz. It's fun to use and a great tool for teaching your kids about money. Have fun with the money game program!

Phishing Scams Information

Phishing scams are a threat to our financial security, and serve up just what the crooks are wanting - your identity, passwords, and most of all, your money!

For a quick 3 minute lesson to guard yourself from phishing scams, take a few moments to learn about phishing scams in plain English. You may also find our phishing scam tips to be helpful for avoiding online phishing scams.

Illusion of Wealth from Debt Accumulation

Debt is a challenge for people from all walks of life, and from many different countries. An illusion of wealth is often created when individuals purchase homes, cars, boats, or other consumer goodies, which extend beyond their budget and financial resources. Unfortunately, in the United States as well as other advanced countries, the media pushing consumerism pressures individuals to purchase more than they should.

As we mature in age we learn that we can live without expensive cars, gadgets, designer brands, and other goodies that cost too much. Living up to a specific standard of living often costs one far more than they realize until it's too late, resulting in financial resources being swallowed up by debt rather than being saved or invested for future needs.

Speaking from my own experience, one of the best ways to force yourself to live within your financial resources is to utilize same-as-cash strategies for making purchases of consumer goods that you may feel you need. By limiting your consumer purchases to what you can only pay for over a short period of time, you'll be less susceptible to falling prey to creating an illusion of wealth due to pressures from our society and commercials.

The added benefit is that true friends will enjoy your company because of who you are, and not due to an illusion of wealth you may have portrayed. Of even greater importance is the fact that you'll learn to love yourself for who you are as a person, and not for what your economic status may be.

Google Satellite Could Catch a Thief

Like anything else, technology has it's pros and cons, but if it could catch a thief then it's even better! If you've utilized Google Maps you've most likely discovered the ability to zoom in and view images of the street, houses, cars, and even mailboxes photographed by Google.

While looking up an address with Google Maps, I discovered a row of mailboxes that appeared to have been tampered with as the mail was shown scattered below the mailboxes, and some of the mailboxes were open. Below is the image from Google Maps street view zoomed closer to the mailboxes.
Assuming someone had tampered with the mailboxes, and stolen mail, the thieves missed their opportunity to be photographed by the Google satellite - lol!

Perhaps if those homeowners had used a locking mailbox their mail would not have been scattered on the ground, or stolen by a thief, but even a locking mailbox does not provide complete protection since thieves will also break locks. Is one of those mailboxes in the photograph yours?

When a thief strikes a mailbox, may the Google Maps high-tech satellite, or ground street view team catch them in the act!