Thieves Search for Wedding Ceremonies

Every year thousands of people plan for their special wedding day, not realizing that there are thieves waiting to read about those plans in the newspapers. Thieves read the wedding announcements in the newspapers to plan a burglary. Armed with the information, thieves research the addresses belonging to the bride and/or groom. It's an ideal opportunity for thieves to rob their homes since they know the bride and groom will be at the wedding chapel!

Completing their research, the thieves are then ready to stike at the magical hour when the couple is married, and they break into their home and take what they wish without hesitation. If you don't believe thieves operate in this manner, check out the following article at Snopes.

Money Laundering Again!

Every day there's a new work at home opportunity online that you do NOT want to get involved with! Which ones are they? How do you know if it is a legitimate opportunity? By doing adequate research, and by understanding the characteristics of scams such as money laundering, you will safely locate the right work at home opportunity.

In order to avoid the scams such as money laundering, you must be armed with information and knowledge as to what to look for. We hope the money laundering example below will help you to identify the characteristics of that type of illegal activity.

Money laundering creates an underground economy that is damaging to any nations economy. When you come across a scam such as the one below, be sure to report it to the right authorities such as the FBI or the Secret Service. They can take actions to eliminate the illegal criminal activity.

Here's the example of a money laundering operation performing from a web site, which we reported to the authorities. Below the example we pointed out several traits to look for, which indicate this is a money laundering scam. Just as you will see below, one characteristic is their grammatical errors and spelling errors.


"You must enjoy working in a fast-paced, hands-on environment and have strong multi-tasking abilities and interpersonal skills. This job requires punctuality, good organizational skills and proficiency with Microsoft office programs to maintain inventory and fill nessesary forms.

All candidates must be reliable. You should effectively communicate with the clients, located in another city while maintaining frequent calls with questions and/or special requests.

To qualify, you MUST:
- should be US resident;
- adults only (we cannot hire people who have not reached the adult age);
- must have a valid e-mail address;
- at least 4-7 hours free time during the week (mostly evening time/non-business hours) for communication.
- be able to answer phone calls.

We offer competitive compensation, including base salary, commission, and expense reimbursement Approximate quantity of packages/letters per week depends ONLY on your skills.

Persons who will be accepted for this job will follow these simple instructions:

1. Receive payments for it from our partners to his/her residential address;
2. Report to our manager (every candidate will be included in managers lists);
3. Cash checks or money orders, following the instructions our manager will send to you;
4. You will be paid 5% commissions of the total value of each transfer.
5. Resend the money to our clients using Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal or Wire Transfer."

We already pointed out their errors in spelling and grammar, but what are the other traits in this example that reveal this to be money laundering operation? The quickest way to identify one is shown in numbers 3, 4 and 5.

Criminals that need to launder money will always be willing to pay a percentage to get the job done. One method to accomplish money laundering requires the operation to cash checks and money orders, since they are not easily traced. The other tell-tale sign is they then turn around and pay the processor a percentage of the funds cashed once the funds have been laundered, as stated in number 4 and 5.

Never get involved in any operation that will pay you a percentage of funds they transfer to you. If you do, prosecutors will not go easy on you as ignorance is no excuse for involvement. We hope by sharing this that you will be armed with greater knowledge to avoid these illegal operations.