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Money in the Bible 1 Timothy 6:10

Have you ever taken the time to research how often the word 'money' appears in scriptures within the Bible? The topic of money can be found in the Bible in over 2300 scriptures!

Why is the topic of money so predominate in the Bible?

Money is a primary idol affecting people from all walks of life, causing one to struggle with idolatry from either having too much, or too little.

Does that mean money is a bad thing? It can be, but God also uses money to bless people. However, if a person is in love with money or if it becomes an all-consuming focus, it can destroy many people and relationships, including a persons relationship with God.

Probably one of the most widely used scriptures pertaining to money, which is often misquoted is the scripture 1 Timothy 6:10, which states, "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil." but many mis-quote that scripture to read, "Money is the root of all evil.", which takes on a completely different meaning!

The Bible makes it perfectly clear that God blesses specific individuals with large amounts of money, and/or possessions of significant monetary value. Money in the Bible is also used to demonstrate stewardship issues, and attitudes of the heart. Money isn't the issue, but the love for money is an issue.

Curious about how many times 'money' appears in scriptures? Find out from this money in the Bible video.

QuiBids and Pinching Your Dollars

Here's a Penny Pincher tip for you today. Have you checked out QuiBids? As the name says it, you bid on merchandise. What makes their site intriguing is the fact that some of the items go for an extremely low bid, and the shipping prices don't seem to be out of line for what it costs to ship things these days. Well, at least that's my first impression by looking at their site. Lets take a look at how your dollars might work on QuiBids.

What makes QuiBids tick, and how can they offer items for such crazy low prices? The answer is in the fine print. If you take a look at QuiBids Terms and Conditions, which you can access from the footer on their site, they make money from bids, and a bidder purchases 'bid packs'.
"Bid Packs and Bid Vouchers expire after one year. Free Bids are only valid until the expiration date stated in the promotion, in general only seven (7) days."
Now, that is not to say it's a bad thing for them to charge for bids, if of course a person is able to acquire great deals. QuiBids Terms and Conditions point out that you are limited to how many items you can win in a day, and over specified periods of time, which make sense from their end. However, keep in mind you could possibly end up spending more on bidding packs than the value of what you win. I'm not speaking from experience, but from my own interpretation of how it might work. Here's what it says about QuiBids bidding restrictions:
"QuiBids limits the number of auctions that you can win in a 28 day period to a maximum of eight. In addition, users may only win or be winning a maximum of three auctions per 24 hour period. QuiBids also limits the number of times users can win an item over $285 in value during a 28 day period to one per item. In addition, users may only win one item over $999.99 in a 28 day period."
This blog post is not a sponsored post, but just my own first impression about QuiBids and how their site works. As always, be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of a site prior to registering. It looks like it could be an interesting site, that is if you need some merchandise. If not, save your money for more important things in life. Just my .02 worth.