Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam
Other words for Scam: Swindle, Con, Fraud, Bunco, Diddle, FlimFlam, Gyp, Racket, Sting, Hustle

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Fake Check Scam - Fake Check in the Mail

1 Easy Tip to Avoid Receiving a Bad Check The era of the fake check scam is not past and gone, as it still claims victims. My own recent e...

Money, Numbers and Sudoku

Money and numbers go together, so have some fun with Sudoku, which is a fun game of logic! How to play Sudoku:
  • You will be given a game board
  • The numbers in a row, column, or group, cannot be repeated
  • Fill in the board so that the numbers 1 through 9 occur exactly once in each row, column, and 3x3 box.
  • Good luck, and have fun with Sudoku
  • Play more money games

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