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Forex Reality Check

Forex trader wanna-be's often need a reality check! Reality check number one is that you will not become an expert overnight, in weeks or even months - and most likely never! I would however argue that perhaps one could master an apprentice level trading status in as little as "months" if the person had a personal mentor, trading at their side to guide them. Such is not the case for most, and even then it would still take years to master trading, depending on an individual's temperament. But realistically, most should never graduate from a 'demo account'.

One article I found I think said it best, "Forex, it cannot be traded by just anyone, it is a science, an investment science, a special logic of money flow and economic rules, it does not exist by default in everyone’s head."

In other words, it takes time and even then some will still not learn to become a successful trader. Special thanks to the Forex Dark Side for his shared wisdom, which is a great Forex reality check!