Google Satellite Could Catch a Thief

Like anything else, technology has it's pros and cons, but if it could catch a thief then it's even better! If you've utilized Google Maps you've most likely discovered the ability to zoom in and view images of the street, houses, cars, and even mailboxes photographed by Google.

While looking up an address with Google Maps, I discovered a row of mailboxes that appeared to have been tampered with as the mail was shown scattered below the mailboxes, and some of the mailboxes were open. Below is the image from Google Maps street view zoomed closer to the mailboxes.
Assuming someone had tampered with the mailboxes, and stolen mail, the thieves missed their opportunity to be photographed by the Google satellite - lol!

Perhaps if those homeowners had used a locking mailbox their mail would not have been scattered on the ground, or stolen by a thief, but even a locking mailbox does not provide complete protection since thieves will also break locks. Is one of those mailboxes in the photograph yours?

When a thief strikes a mailbox, may the Google Maps high-tech satellite, or ground street view team catch them in the act!

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