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Coupons for A Dollar Saved

Here's a quick penny pincher tip to save you at least one dollar! Spending one dollar less here and there adds up. To some it isn't worth their time to bother trying to save a dollar, but to many others it's a blessing.

The other day while running some errands, I went to the Dollar Store. I bought a trial-sized box of cereal, and after returning home I noticed a coupon on the back of the box. The coupon was for $1.00 off a regular sized box. This made the purchase for the trial-sized box a real bargain since it was only a dollar -- the same value of the coupon on the box!

The next time you shop at a Dollar Store be sure to look for coupons on the trial-sized products you purchase. Your dollar spent just may turn out to be a dollar saved, if you end up with a dollar coupon to redeem later.