Identity Theft Legislation Progress

It's been identified as one of the fastest growing crimes across America, and probably across the world. With the Internet becoming more widely accessed, it makes it even easier for the identity theft thieves to do their dirty work.

It's always good to hear of progress in regards to new laws being implemented to protect the consumer and our identity, and such is the case with new identity theft legislation in Kentucky. Hopefully other states will soon follow in greater protection for victims of identity theft.

Kentucky now has a bill in progress and it's being presented to the Kentucky House of Representatives. The bill will require all Kentucky businesses to follow the same federal guidelines that financial institutions and health care companies have been following for many years.

There are ten key points listed in regards to what the bill would accomplish, one of which is to finally criminalize phishing! Laws certainly need to catch up with identity theft and other crimes, which have become more prevalent since the development of Internet technology.

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