Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam
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Telecommuting and Casual Friday

Although it isn't Friday, I read an interesting article about casual Friday, which brought some things to mind in regards to telecommuting. Although casual Friday can be fun at the work place, with telecommuting it seems every day is a casual Friday! In fact it seems many days for telecommuters is "Jammie Day", which I'm not too fond of. It gets boring enough as it is wearing just casual clothes every day, let alone pajamas.

If you telecommute I think it's important to still look your best to feel your best. For me, staying in my jammies all day makes me feel frumpy and just all around bummed out. Whenever I telecommute in my pajamas, I can attest that I don't feel my best. I guess the reason it's like that for me is because when I grew up staying in your pajamas all day meant you weren't feeling well or we were home from school due to illness. Perhaps there's an unhealthy psychological message for some of us from wearing pajamas as we telecommute?

When I speak to someone over the phone I also feel odd wearing my pajamas. Call me odd if you wish, but even though the person I speak to can't see me, I still feel strange.

One other thought I wanted to share is for those of you who have a tendency toward depression. I find that if I dress as I would if I worked elsewhere, than overall I feel much better about myself, and the day in general, but if I remain in my pajamas until late in the day I feel odd. At the very least dressing as I would for casual Friday I feel much more optimistic about my day, and my life in general.

I'm not attempting to judge those of you who prefer to wear your pajamas while telecommuting, but if you are not feeling good about yourself you may want to change the habit and start your day well groomed. I know it affects me psychologically, so perhaps it does you as well. Every day can still be like a casual Friday, but you may find that it makes you feel better to groom yourself at least as good as a casual Friday at the office. If you've telecommuted in your pajamas and don't feel good about your work life, try breaking the habit and you'll perhaps be amazed at how much better you feel.

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