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Budgeting for the Look for Less

Budgeting is something of a mystery to some people, but it really doesn't have to be that way. Retailers would love to convince us all that we need the newest fashion or garment, and that it needs to be a designer line -- all of which can blow a budget fast.

When I was growing up my parents were very frugal, and for good reason. Back then it was common that the father would be the one to bring in the income while the mother stayed home to raise the children. That required more creative juggling with the budget.

Being the youngest of two other sisters it was common for me to wear the hand-me-downs. In fact it was so common that by the time I became an adult it took me many years to buy anything brown to wear because it seemed most of my hand-me-downs were winter clothes in shades of brown. I got over that and eventually introduced brown into my wardrobe.

One thing I never did get over though was the fact that we often purchased our clothing in a second hand store. That budgeting technique has never left me, and if I don't shop at a second hand store first for some things I often feel guilty by not doing so. There are some exceptions though for health reasons, and one of which are shoes. I no longer purchase shoes at a second hand store.

If you're having difficultly with your budget, never underestimate the power of how much you can save by getting the same look for less when you find designer brands at a second hand store! I'm never embarrassed to share that I purchased items second hand, and in fact feel good about also helping the charities that survive off those revenues and donations.

In addition to purchasing garments second hand, I started collecting vintage costume jewelry in the mid 1980's, which has led to other vintage items thereafter. It's never too late to try a second hand store to help with the budget, or even if you are a collector; it's about getting the look for less, which serves as a great reminder that a budget doesn't have to be boring!

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