Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam
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Dieting and Fun Exercise

We've all seen them, and some of us have even marketed them -- diet products. Some are good and some are nothing greater than a mouthful of creative marketing. Although some diet supplements can be healthy there are many that are not. Especially if they're filled with artificial sweeteners, glucose or other sugars.

In our society we want the quick fix, so we are easily snared by the most recent diet fad or dietary supplement. What it really all boils down to is eating the right foods and good old fashioned exercise! Yes, you remember -- the activity that causes us to break a sweat and use what are known as muscles!

Several weeks ago I finally decided I need to get back at it again with an exercise routine, but like most other humans I lacked exercise motivation! Sound familiar? It was quite frustrating for me because two years ago at this time I had lost 9 inches of fat and was starting to feel and look much better, but then the unthinkable happened in October 2005 -- I broke my wrist! That totally killed my exercise routine. Just to clarify, no I did not break my wrist while exercising. It was purely an act of stupidity and clumsiness combined!

I'm very happy with the results so far, and although I haven't yet measured to see how much I've lost, my clothes are fitting better and looser, and I can see the difference in the mirror!

The form of exercise I chose is the Pilates resistance exerciser and I like it better than any other regime I've done in the past. It's working better than even free-weights for me and it's much funner! The exerciser is essentially the power bands that are rubber cords sort of like using a bungee cord - lol. When I'm done with the routine the power bands simply get placed inside a drawer! Later on I'll probably let you know how it's going, as I know it's effective. Soon I hope to be able to just dump the scale!

To really succeed at any exercise program I really think one has to find what works for them personally, and the best way to win the war against excess weight is to stick to a fun workout! What's fun for you may not be for me, so it's really a personal choice.

One last important point is to understand that exercising only three days a week is desirable only AFTER you have scaled down to your optimum weight! More frequent exercise is really needed to actually lose the war against excess fat, so I workout every day, but I generally take a break over the weekend when my activity level is higher. It takes at least 21 days to change or break an old habit, so the first three weeks is the most difficult. Thereafter it gets easier to stick to the routine.

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