Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam
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Burn Notice for a Spy

All kids have at one time pretended to be a spy. Then there are those who as adults still wish they could be a spy, but perhaps without the impeding danger. Years ago I had a fun and rewarding experience with helping a co-worker, Roberta get her dog Huggy back to her, which was a pure bred cocker spaniel and had been stolen by her neighbors when they moved -- at least she thought they stole it.

My story here is how to be a spy without exposing your identity, and in this case if you posed as a decorator to get the job done. The characters here are not fictitious, and this really did happen so it is a true story. As far as the decorating thing goes, I indeed was one so that part was for real, but I snooped around as if I was an undercover agent to recover Roberta's dog. In case you ever need to become a spy, here's how you do it while pretending to be a decorator. Or, maybe I should say here's how to do it while pretending to be a spy?

The suspecting party was contacted by the decorating company I worked for, which was also Roberta's employer, but the couple did not know where she worked. Luckily the suspect couple had just purchased a new home, and they fell for the opportunity to have a decorator come out and give them a quote on new window treatments since their new house didn't have any.

The appointment was set, and I was the decorator scheduled to go out and quote the job as I spied on the people to determine if they had stolen Roberta's dog. Selling the draperies was not the priority, but determining if the people had her dog, was the priority!

What spy equipment did I need? In this case, my measuring tape to measure the windows, fabric sample books to fool the target into believing I was really there to sell them draperies, and of course my quote forms. Of course we cannot forget the spy trench coat since it was pouring down rain.

Off I went to the couples home. Immediately after they greeted me and let me inside their home my spy eyes saw the stolen goods! Roberta's dog Huggy was there, but only the people were calling it Huggy Bear! I had seen Roberta's dog Huggy one time before that day, so my cover was probably blown with Huggy, but the couple was clueless as to who I really was.

While maintaining a stoic look so I would not burst out laughing and blow my cover, I measured their windows and gave them a quote. This was one time it was fine for the customer to say, "We'll have to think about it." and it was the only time I did not attempt to over-throw their objection - lol. Because they did not know me they did not have a clue that I was working for Roberta to get her dog back. Armed with the information I needed I departed their home and had to get to a phone quickly.

That was BCP (before cell phones) days, so my spy equipment included the use of a public telephone, so I had to get to one quickly. I called Roberta from the nearest phone and informed her that they had her dog Huggy, but only they were calling it Huggy Bear! To make a long story short, she and I later returned to the couples home along with an undercover detective (yes, a real one). Without entering the home the couple agreed to surrender the dog back to Roberta. The dog Huggy was elated to see her, so it was a good reunion.

If you are a real spy, the decorator disguise worked well so you may want to use that one some time - lol. But, for a real spy I'm not sure if the person would have received a burn notice or not!

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