Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Avoid Work at Home Scams

Money laundering and the Nigerian scams are all over the place on the Internet and often come through spoof or spam emails. It's discouraging to me how many people do not bother to report those to the authorities when they come across them. You should consider contacting the authorities such as the Secret Service to report money laundering scams you encounter. One key role of the Secret Service is for going after money laundering fraudsters. It's very important to report money laundering in order to help eliminate that problem. One reason is due to the fact that money laundering is very destructive to any economy!

So, please report those as you are approached by those crooks or come across those scams! NEVER respond to the person by telling them that you will turn them in! By doing so they may then erase the potential tracks such as websites or emails that the authorities can use to catch them! It's best to not respond to those emails at all, and simply report them!

One helpful tip I would like you to think about is the problem with submitting your resume to a website such as Monster.com. The problem with doing so is that it opens the door to you receiving tons of offers from those attempting to find their next victim of their Nigerian scam or of money laundering. For that reason, I've never posted my resume to an online site such as Monster. Then when I do get a spoof offer from someone using their site for a scam I know right away it's spoof. That in fact was exactly what occurred today in my email. I ended up getting a spoof offer purporting to be from Monster, which it was not! The spoof email represents yet another fraudster I need to report!

You do have to be a watch dog and exercise a great deal of caution in order to not fall for many of the work at home scams that are waiting for their next victim. Hopefully you will not be the next victim!

Drugs Make People Ugly

Do you like to look at the before and after photos of someone who has a makeover? They are always interesting to look at when you see how people can be transformed into a different look with just the right hair style or makeup. In this case just the opposite has occurred, and the person is far worse looking because of drugs, and specifically meth.

Need some ammunition for a friend or loved one that is starting down the path of drug addiction? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case it's a short video on how drugs make people ugly. If you're not familiar with what the drug meth does to people one of the effects of the drug causes the person to develop terrible sores, partly because they develop nervous habits of picking at their skin - ugh! Enough said, I'll let the video be worth more than a thousand words, and may God help those who need to be set free.

Dogs Gone Wild

As much as I love dogs there are some aggressive breeds I would never own such as a pit bull. The worst combination is when you have an aggressive breed owned by a person who has as bad of traits as the dog.

In this situation a pit bull owner was going to lose her dog since it bit two of her neighbors. Animal control arrived to remove her dog. It's quite shocking in that the owner of this dog deliberately had her dog attack an animal control officer and then denied she let her dog out. However, the video of the event proved otherwise!

Sorry, video no longer available.

Is Your Life Upside Down?

If you're feeling like your life is upside down and things just aren't going well, there is a positive thing about life being upside down for a while -- it can possibly only be temporary because the law of gravity says things should be right side up! Just take a look at this and you'll see what I mean! Suddenly you'll see that things being upside down are only temporary - lol, and soon you'll be back to normal again.

Reno 911

The games people play has always been a catchy phrase, and I'm not sure when that term came into play - lol. It seems however since the days of computers it is all the more appropriate since many have become addicted to computer games. I must confess I was a game addict years ago and I got away from it. Blogging is really what replaced the desire to play computer games!

Just for fun and a little moola I just finished playing the Reno 911 Most wanted game, and picked two of the most wanted to display here. Why did I select the Most Wanted game? Because it fits well with this blog of course! Have you seen these crooks?

Cartman is a serious threat to our society and in that you are in danger if within even 50 miles of him please report him to the authorities if you see him, and don't try anything stupid like taking the law into your own hands!

Here is another most wanted criminal we need to locate. German is armed with claws that will tear you apart if you give into his cuteness. Please be advised that his teeth are razer sharp. You may be able to lure him in for capture if you have plenty of fresh fish or work in the fish market.

This is just some of the craziness you may see when you watch Reno 911! Miami The Movie! You may also find yourself chasing chickens across the road and experiencing what seems to be a bunch of cops on drugs -- or at least not normal! The crooks won't have a chance with these cops around!

Bank Robber

Throughout the world there are some signs universally understood. For example, most societies would recognize a robber by a specific type of head-gear, or more commonly known type of mask made from hosiery. Take a few moments to get a good laugh at the reactions this man receives from wearing one of the recognized masks that a robber may wear, and generally if he or she was a bank robber. What would your reaction be to this person?

Drug Rehab for Teens

It's no surprise that so many teenagers in our society have the need to go through drug rehabilitation. Hollywood portrays a very bad example for our teens, as well as the media so it really is no wonder the teenagers are so goofed up with their perspective of what's cool or not. Unfortunately with teens it's very easy for them to fall prey into thinking that drugs are cool. Sooner or later, many of them have the need for drug detox.

The link for the drug rehab site I just provided you has a great deal of resources to draw from. They have many articles to access to provide you with up to date information on developments with rehabilitation and addiction treatment news, and it also provides you with the ability to search for the treatment centers in your area. If only at least one person gains the ability to be set free from drug addiction or alcoholism, it certainly makes it worth the effort to share this information.

ATM PIN Distress Code for Help

Everyones worst fear of using an ATM to withdraw cash is that they may be robbed in the process, or forced to utilize their card to withdraw funds for a crook. Probably the best way to assure you will be safe while at the ATM is to be fully aware of your surroundings. Obviously you will want to watch closely for anyone who acts suspicious or seems threatening. Although you may take all the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself while withdrawing funds, you could still become a victim of a robber at an ATM.

What should you do if you are forced to enter your PIN into an ATM to surrender funds to a crook? If you are being held at gunpoint or with the threat of other bodily harm, you certainly do not want to endanger yourself by refusing to give the crook what he wants. Is there anything you can do to alert the police as you enter your PIN?

There is a hoax going around in emails, which leads you to believe you can send a message to the police with the ATM. The hoax leads people to believe that entering their PIN in reverse would trigger an alarm to the police, but that is a false rumor. If you would like to get the full scoop, you can read about it on Snopes.

Burn Notice for a Spy

All kids have at one time pretended to be a spy. Then there are those who as adults still wish they could be a spy, but perhaps without the impeding danger. Years ago I had a fun and rewarding experience with helping a co-worker, Roberta get her dog Huggy back to her, which was a pure bred cocker spaniel and had been stolen by her neighbors when they moved -- at least she thought they stole it.

My story here is how to be a spy without exposing your identity, and in this case if you posed as a decorator to get the job done. The characters here are not fictitious, and this really did happen so it is a true story. As far as the decorating thing goes, I indeed was one so that part was for real, but I snooped around as if I was an undercover agent to recover Roberta's dog. In case you ever need to become a spy, here's how you do it while pretending to be a decorator. Or, maybe I should say here's how to do it while pretending to be a spy?

The suspecting party was contacted by the decorating company I worked for, which was also Roberta's employer, but the couple did not know where she worked. Luckily the suspect couple had just purchased a new home, and they fell for the opportunity to have a decorator come out and give them a quote on new window treatments since their new house didn't have any.

The appointment was set, and I was the decorator scheduled to go out and quote the job as I spied on the people to determine if they had stolen Roberta's dog. Selling the draperies was not the priority, but determining if the people had her dog, was the priority!

What spy equipment did I need? In this case, my measuring tape to measure the windows, fabric sample books to fool the target into believing I was really there to sell them draperies, and of course my quote forms. Of course we cannot forget the spy trench coat since it was pouring down rain.

Off I went to the couples home. Immediately after they greeted me and let me inside their home my spy eyes saw the stolen goods! Roberta's dog Huggy was there, but only the people were calling it Huggy Bear! I had seen Roberta's dog Huggy one time before that day, so my cover was probably blown with Huggy, but the couple was clueless as to who I really was.

While maintaining a stoic look so I would not burst out laughing and blow my cover, I measured their windows and gave them a quote. This was one time it was fine for the customer to say, "We'll have to think about it." and it was the only time I did not attempt to over-throw their objection - lol. Because they did not know me they did not have a clue that I was working for Roberta to get her dog back. Armed with the information I needed I departed their home and had to get to a phone quickly.

That was BCP (before cell phones) days, so my spy equipment included the use of a public telephone, so I had to get to one quickly. I called Roberta from the nearest phone and informed her that they had her dog Huggy, but only they were calling it Huggy Bear! To make a long story short, she and I later returned to the couples home along with an undercover detective (yes, a real one). Without entering the home the couple agreed to surrender the dog back to Roberta. The dog Huggy was elated to see her, so it was a good reunion.

If you are a real spy, the decorator disguise worked well so you may want to use that one some time - lol. But, for a real spy I'm not sure if the person would have received a burn notice or not!

Job Applicants Gone Wild

Years ago I worked for a while as a human resources manager. Today I was laughing over some of the memories of job applicants and what they had written on their employment applications. Their names are now long forgotten, and I certainly would not share them even if I did remember, but I thought you would get a good laugh over several situations I recall. I guess you could say these applicants had issues, or they were applicants gone wild!

One afternoon two young female applicants in their early twenties came through the door. They each took an application and took a seat to fill in their information. The first gal that finished brought her application up to me and I noticed she had answered "yes" to the question; "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" Her reply to the question was, "Yes. I borrowed a car and didn't return it on time." OK, I guess she was still in denial of stealing a car - lol. Next...

The other young woman who came in with her turned out to be her sister, who also had answered "yes" to the question in regards to being convicted of a felony. Her reply to the question read, "Yes. I attempted to poison someone." OK, there we had two winner applicants - lol. Their felonies were only about 6 months apart so I have to wonder if they both woke up one day and made a pact to destroy their lives? When the two went to depart their car would not start and they had to push start it. Maybe they should have stolen another car?

One other day a woman in her late thirties came in to apply for work. She also had answered "yes" to the question about any prior felony convictions. Her response was, "Yes. I had a run-in with a police officer, so I bit him." Reading further down on her application where her work history was filled in I had a good laugh reading why she had lost her most recent employment. Her reason; "I was fired because I had to take too much time off work to get my teeth fixed." Well OK, I guess if you go around biting police officers you're bound to have problems with your teeth!

On another occasion I enjoyed a good laugh when a woman made a phone inquiry about a position. She was responding to an ad in the paper for a commercial janitorial position. Woman on the phone; "Could you describe the type of work involved for the position?" My response; "You would be required to do general cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and taking out the garbage." Her reply was, "Do you mean I would have to push a mop?" I had to bite my tongue to not laugh at her, but instead I kindly responded, "Yes!" and then she hung up! What was she expecting? To have access to a remote controlled mop so she could sit on her butt?

I don't miss those days one bit, and it was not my normal line of work. The experience did however leave me with an opportunity to share these humorous stories with you! I hope you enjoyed them.

Dieting and Fun Exercise

We've all seen them, and some of us have even marketed them -- diet products. Some are good and some are nothing greater than a mouthful of creative marketing. Although some diet supplements can be healthy there are many that are not. Especially if they're filled with artificial sweeteners, glucose or other sugars.

In our society we want the quick fix, so we are easily snared by the most recent diet fad or dietary supplement. What it really all boils down to is eating the right foods and good old fashioned exercise! Yes, you remember -- the activity that causes us to break a sweat and use what are known as muscles!

Several weeks ago I finally decided I need to get back at it again with an exercise routine, but like most other humans I lacked exercise motivation! Sound familiar? It was quite frustrating for me because two years ago at this time I had lost 9 inches of fat and was starting to feel and look much better, but then the unthinkable happened in October 2005 -- I broke my wrist! That totally killed my exercise routine. Just to clarify, no I did not break my wrist while exercising. It was purely an act of stupidity and clumsiness combined!

I'm very happy with the results so far, and although I haven't yet measured to see how much I've lost, my clothes are fitting better and looser, and I can see the difference in the mirror!

The form of exercise I chose is the Pilates resistance exerciser and I like it better than any other regime I've done in the past. It's working better than even free-weights for me and it's much funner! The exerciser is essentially the power bands that are rubber cords sort of like using a bungee cord - lol. When I'm done with the routine the power bands simply get placed inside a drawer! Later on I'll probably let you know how it's going, as I know it's effective. Soon I hope to be able to just dump the scale!

To really succeed at any exercise program I really think one has to find what works for them personally, and the best way to win the war against excess weight is to stick to a fun workout! What's fun for you may not be for me, so it's really a personal choice.

One last important point is to understand that exercising only three days a week is desirable only AFTER you have scaled down to your optimum weight! More frequent exercise is really needed to actually lose the war against excess fat, so I workout every day, but I generally take a break over the weekend when my activity level is higher. It takes at least 21 days to change or break an old habit, so the first three weeks is the most difficult. Thereafter it gets easier to stick to the routine.

Male Auto Insurance Rates

If you're a young man not yet at the magical age of 25 when auto rates typically are lowered, you may want to listen to this video to learn some possible angles for negotiating better auto insurance rates!

If you're not male, and older or younger than 25 you will also find this to be rather humorous. Have fun!

It's Nice to Get Your Comments

With all the time and effort it takes to put a blog together, and to update it weekly, it's very nice to receive comments from people who appreciate the effort! Often when I write about the topics I include in this blog I sometimes feel they are so boring that no one would want to read them. But, I do it because I feel there is a need to share information with people about things so they don't get themselves into a mess, or know how to get out of one.

Last December I wrote a post about money laundering. Yesterday I received a very nice comment on that post, which I would like to share. It certainly made me feel good about what the purpose of this blog is for! Here's the comment:

"I don't know what to say...... but you are doing a great job by writing all these posts and making people aware of the things that they should know..... and without charging any value for it....I do not know whether you do a kind of a business and you are getting more clientèle base because of the posts.....but honestly I don't care because it really gives a lot of information which is quite essential in peoples lives.....good job!!!"

Thank you Abhishek Tupe for your comment! It's much appreciated to get a compliment like that! It really helps to be uplifted by readers. From here, you may wish to travel on over to Tupe's Korner and see what's going on in his world! Enjoy!

Drug Rehab and Breaking Addiction

You may have a family member or friend who is a drug addict and wonder if there is any salvation for them to free themselves from drug addiction. The sad fact is that they generally cannot do it on their own. If you want to help them, here are some tips to help your loved one or friend break free from the hold of drugs.
  • Extend your love to them and gain their trust so they know you are there for them!
  • Get them involved in activities to help them find what they excel in.
  • Do as much as possible to get them away from the bad crowd.
  • Get them into rehab if at all possible!
  • Pray for them!
Although that certainly is not an all-inclusive list, a few good tips can go a long ways with helping your loved one or friend to break away from the influence of drugs. Most importantly, going beyond what you're able to do for them, they most likely will need the help they could only receive from a professional drug rehabilitation facility. Although getting them into some form of addiction treatment may be the most difficult to do, in the long run it may be the most effective way to break their addiction.

As an example, Stone Hawk can help your friend or loved one start down the road of breaking their addiction and gain a new chance at life. It's important to utilize a service that demonstrates that they truly care about addicts so the addict does not feel a sense of judgment, otherwise they would probably not stick with the rehab program. Aftercare treatment is also important in order to have less of a chance for an addict to return to their former ways. I hope these tips may be of benefit to you assisting your loved one or friend to break away from drug addiction by getting them various forms of help including drug rehab.

Web of Deceit

This is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs -- that is, if you're a spider! The web of deceit spun by drug lords with eight legs is well demonstrated here. Lol!

Identity Theft Victims with a Common Name

One thing is for sure, identity theft needs to be addressed with congress to help ease the pain when one experiences being a victim of identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that more than 27 million people in our country have been victims of identity theft. This video is one prime example of some individuals who has a common name that had become a victim of identity theft.

Sorry the video is no longer available.

Identity Theft Protection for Your Computer

Many people fall prey to identity theft due to their computer not being fully protected. Malicious attacks result from the effects of spy ware and malicious code. Some are not aware that from the first moment they log onto the Internet their computer is vulnerable to attack, and they may not even know their computer was attacked! We all need good protection, otherwise our computers can become our worst enemy for setting us up for identity theft. Is there a spy among your computer?

This last year my computer was hit by a malicious code. As I imagine most of you are, I'm very careful as to where I surf online, but even so the files with malicious codes are planted out there for us to hit, much like a minefield. I thought I would share how my computer was attacked.

One afternoon just after I updated my blog with a pinging service I selected the services page where it showed the recently updated blogs. Unfortunately one of the recently updated blogs which I clicked on, was not a blog at all! It led to a file being opened and spyware was loaded into my computer! Although my anti-virus program immediately alerted me to the danger, it was a huge mental load working through the steps to rid my computer of the malicious codes. The files were planted throughout much of my computer programs. Some prefer to leave files quarantined, but I prefer to get them out of my computer completely so it was a daunting task! The list of files the malicious codes attacked was staggering.

An entire day and then some was lost in order to deal with eliminating the files that were quarantined. Finally, in order to get rid of most of the spyware I had to uninstall quite a few programs from my computer completely! At that point the quarantined files remaining were still a staggering amount as the spyware had attacked my operating system as well. After eliminating many of the files by uninstalling many programs I then selected to eliminate the files in quarantine, however that is always a risky process due to the fact you may delete files needed for critical needs for your computer.

If you have not adequately protected your computer you need to take care of that immediately. Chances are you may have malicious codes on your computer!


"Money! Get away. Get a good job and you're OK!" Recognize those lyrics? If not, then you will once you play the video below. I was in high school when this song was a major hit. 1974 was the year, but money represents the same things then as it does today.

Even though it may grow or disappear, money is timeless because every economic status and every economy revolves around it, and it will never be out of style. Large or small -- no country can survive without it. Poor or wealthy -- one can never seem to have enough.

Contrary to what many may think, one point that is true about money -- it does not buy happiness because it will not fill the void in ones soul. Money either corrupts people, or it brings out the best from a generous heart. It drives human emotions such as fear and greed. When it's all said and done, we cannot take it with us.

Identity Theft, Fraud & You!

Learning some basics will certainly be an added advantage to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. This video is a good resource for some quick steps for protecting yourself from identity theft. It's worth the time to take five minutes to watch it.

Strange Things May Occur

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room or other unfamiliar place, and had a creepy feeling? Stephen King is probably one of the best for giving someone the creeps, and once again it appears he will pull it off in the 1408 Movie, starring John Cusack.

Do you believe in the supernatural? I absolutely do, and I believe each of us as human beings experience supernatural occurrences more often that what we are even aware of. If you've never experienced the supernatural, think again. You probably have.

You may prefer to call apparitions ghosts and believe that they are human spirits who have passed on into the life ever-after, but there are some apparitions that are not ghosts, but rather demonic spirits masquerading themselves as human spirits. Then there are also visions. Believe what you want to believe, and like it or not, but the fact is that demonic spirits really do exist and are not a force to mess around with.

Maybe if you watch the trailer for the 1408 Movie you'll think differently than you have before. In the movie the father of a little girl who loses his daughter had not had an experience with seeing ghosts. Things changed for him with his beliefs after staying in room 1408, where no one ever lasts an hour! Would you?

One of the most frightening experiences I ever had in my lifetime was messing around with a Ouija board when I was around twelve years of age. My older sisters and I even got the Ouija board to swear at us and it was very scary to say the least. We placed a Bible on the board and asked it's opinion of the Bible -- that's when we got cussed out, and it was the last time we used the board.

I could write for some time about my experiences in life in regards to things such as that, but it's really off topic for this blog. However, I couldn't resist to post this since it was a good opportunity to get a good bit of pay for a post. You might not want to watch this video trailer in a dark room.

Identity Theft Phishing Scams

Phishing scams attempting to steal a person's identity through the use of spoof emails will probably continue to occur for many years. You probably heard that the King of Spam was finally caught last week, but that will not put an end to the phishing identity theft spoofs created by other spammers.

Late last month the IRS reported a spoof phishing scam. As with any spoof emails if you receive an email from an entity claiming to be the IRS don't buy into the scam, and never click through any links within the email. Be sure to always report suspicious emails to the entity they claim to be representing.

First and foremost, be sure to keep your computer anti-virus definitions and firewall programs up to date to help guard you from identity theft. Phishing scams are just one example of a variety of ways fraudsters attempt to steal our identities. Learn more about phishing scams to protect yourself.