Zip Up Your Data Securely

As the Internet grows so does the percentage of identity theft and criminals looking for an open opportunity. Have you provided a crook a chance to get to your private data? Or, I should say data that you THINK is private?

With SecureZIP you can secure and protect your data. Did you know that your data transferred in an email is NOT private and therefore not secure! Transferring data through email is accessible by the public, it is not private! SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP just may be what you're looking for!

SecureZip is an easy way to protect your files being transferred or stored! It's a way to have a peace of mind when you need to transfer sensitive information, including attachments. It also allows you to protect data in your laptop as well as portable media.

The program works together with Microsoft Outlook to ensure security and peace of mind when you need to transfer private data with information about yourself, medical information, financial information and other sensitive data.

If you use email for transferring information for your clients it's also important that you take the extra precautions to protect their sensitive information. We live in a litigious society, so it's important that business owners not only protect their clients information, but also protect their business from liability when securing and transferring that data.

SecureZip is a great program to consider to encrypt your sensitive data, plus you can use it for free! So isn't it about time that you ZIP up your private data?

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