Warning Labels

Often meant to protect us from our own stupidity, warning labels are rather comical, and there are some which should of course be taken very seriously.

When I think of a funny warning labels the first one that always comes to mind is the one on upholstered items or pillows, which reads, "Under Penalty of Law, this tag is not to be removed except by the consumer." Now I doubt I can have anyone arrested should they come into my home and remove that label - heaven forbid, but it is rather comical!

Another warning label that many people don't take heed to is actually written on the reverse side of your credit card and debit cards! This label, which appears next to the white signature box needs to be taken very seriously! Consumers, as well as some uninformed merchants don't often pay attention to the importance and reason as to why this warning label says, "Not Valid Unless Signed"!

You've heard the old credit card advertising saying, "Don't leave home without it!" but perhaps we should add, "Don't leave home without making sure you have first read, and complied with the warning label!"

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