Drug Addiction Leads to Crime

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that drug addiction leads to crime, yet some states and countries have actually decriminalized drug use, which proves to be a serious mistake each time. In the geographical area where I live meth labs were cropping up everywhere and destroying many fine pieces of realestate in the process. Thankfully that substance has not been legalized because like all other drugs it leads to serious health problems or death, and increases crime rates.

Drug addiction can often begin with the use of something as simple as pain killers and then suddenly the person is wanting more drugs to fuel their craving. Before you know it they're abusing illegal drugs and their life begins to go down the drain. They lose their job, their families, their homes and sadly for some even their lives.

If you have a loved one or friend that has become addicted to drugs, and even if it is not an illegal substance, you need to get them help immediately! The longer they are on drugs the more difficult it will become to get them turned around.

Most likely your loved one will not even want to discuss drug rehab with you, but remember that you're the sober one and they are impaired if they are an addict so intervene for them to take back control of their life. As long as they are abusing drugs, the drugs are controlling them and they are no longer in control.

There are many drug rehab facilities across the country. If you are in the Michigan area, Stone Hawk is in your neck of the woods. One point I like about what they share on their website is the fact that they can relate to what the drug addict is experiencing because they themselves can speak from experience as reformed drug addicts. You'll notice on their home page the statement, "We definitely know all about addiction, because we were once addicted." So, think of how powerful of a statement that could be to help your friend or loved one! You could let them know that they would be in the company of others who were once in their shoes and they would know better than anyone else on how to help them.

Not sure if their program would be right for your loved one? Remember that you may just be the one to save the life of your friend or loved one by intervening on their behalf to set them free from their addiction.

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