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Spammers Exercising Weight Loss Plans

Is there no safe haven from spammers? It was already bad enough that we had to win the war on fighting spam in our email boxes. Oh yeah, you know it! All the prescription drug offers like for Viagra and weight loss gimmicks!

As if that were not enough the spammers also infiltrate our blog comments! Legitimate comments from readers are far outnumbered by spammers comments! On one of my other blogs since it hit a page rank of three the spam has been coming in by the masses! Thankfully I have spam assassin programs to catch it all automatically.

Spammers also love to exercise their weight loss plans by soliciting their prescription and weight loss pills! The successful ones rake in millions per year while those who respond only seem to experience a serious loss of weight to their wallets! Just my .02 worth for the day!

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