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Trust Your Gut Instinct in Telecommuting

As silly as it may sound, trusting your gut instinct works very well as a good scam-o-meter! If you are looking for a telecommuting position, you may have already learned there is an entire cesspool of rotten tricks and criminals waiting for you to take their bait.

If your gut instinct is telling you something just doesn't seem right, well most likely you need to listen to your gut instinct, which I'm sure you have realized has survived many tests! As an example, here's one fellow who had begun a companies training only to find out they were simply wanting to sell him something.

I was doing the training and everything, and almost got sucked in. I had a weird feeling about them in the beginning, as I have read all the reviews. But, you think, no, it will be different, I'll make it work. Well, during the final paperwork I was signing, I read very carefully. They wanted me to pay $29 deposit for a long distance service I didn't need. I have long distance. Then $18.95 thereafter. My question was why do i need to pay them for long distance when I have it? Right?

Although some companies will need to hire a telecommuter to do long distance phone calls, if they are legit they should not require you to purchase a long distance package from them! I would say this fellow's scam-o-meter, or in other words, his gut instinct worked just fine!

By the way, for those of you planning to lose weight around the old gut, your gut instinct will work just as well skinny too!

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