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Phishy Work at Home Scam

Another ebay scam to bait someone has been born! A lady was seeking offers for work and came across an offer on Craigs List. She then received an email back from the party. Scams are often hidden beneath a large amount of fluff, and other explanations in an attempt to make them sound legitimate. This one on the other hand didn't waste anytime to scream "scam" right from the very first sentence!

If you get this one run as fast as you can to the nearest exit, and report them to the proper authorities! Here's the scam email, which read:

Hi! Thanks for the interest. This job is basically you loaning your ebay and paypal account for us to sell products. We sell beauty products. We do all the listing, selling, customer service, and shipping.

So because we are listing on your account, we must have access to ebay and paypal. We need access to ebay to communicate with customers, see items sold, list products, etc. Same goes for paypal, we must have access to withdraw funds to our bank account, see who paid and for what items, and communicate with customers.

And in your head right now, you are probably thinking SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!. Please, DO NOT jump to conclusion, I assure you that it is NOT, it's REAL, I'm paying you monthly for using your accounts. That is, $300 a month. All your information is safe.

Actually I'm the one taking the risk here, as I will have money go into your paypal account. You're probably wondering why I don't just open an account myself. We'll, I can, and I do have an account. But I want more accounts, this way I can sell more and get more customers. Just like owning three restaurants versus one in a single town. eBay limits one account per person.

I know your concern is your ebay and paypal bank and credit card information, but I assure you that all your info is UNTOUCHED. All fees incurred on the ebay account will be paid even before its due via the paypal account.

We currently have other ebay members loaning us their accounts and if you are interested in seeing what we sell or have more questions regarding this job, contact us via instant messages: My AOL/AIM is: "name changed"

It's rather ironic the crook attempts to comfort the person to believe that it is not a scam! Yeah sure - no scam at all in that they want to access your ebay and PayPal account! Jeesh, I guess the scammers think we all fell off the turnip truck yesterday!

I think one of the most humorous statements was, "I want more accounts." Yeah, no kidding - that you can use fraudulently!