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It Takes Two to do Money Laundering

One form of illegal activity that relies on the participation of more than one individual is money laundering. With the information age and Internet technology at their hands, money laundering is accomplished much easier than in the old days, but it still requires more than one person to do the dirty laundry.

Crooks are recruiting the ignorant to do the task for them and probably paying less than they did in the past to get it done. Now there are those who are attempting to outsmart the crooks, but in the process have become a crook themselves.

One example is a story of a fellow who figured he had outsmarted a crook that got him involved in money laundering. The crook sent the individual money using PayPal. The individual waited for the PayPal verification to confirm he indeed received the monies.

As per the crooks instructions he was supposed to forward all of the monies to the crook through Western Union, less the agreed percentage. Not wanting to comply he transferred the funds from his PayPal account into his own bank account, and then he closed his PayPal account. He never sent the crook the monies through Western Union. So, who is the crook now?

The fellow thinks he outsmarted the crook in that he now has all the money. Problem is, his assumption has major flaws in it, and he is now left holding the money bag which will be traced down by the authorities.

Moral of the story? Attempting to outsmart a crook by receiving funds from them and then closing your account might keep the crook away if he doesn't know where you live, but it won't keep the authorities from busting down your front door! The best way to outsmart a crook is to first off not get involved, and secondly report them to the authorities!