Hired to Sell on Ebay?

Be cautious if you receive an email from another ebay member wanting you to sell merchandise! If it was an offer solicited to you when you were not seeking to sell for someone then it will most likely not be a legitimate offer, but instead a front for illegal activity such as money laundering.

Recently an ebay member received a solicitation from another ebay member to sell for them. This is what she experienced:
I sell things on eBay once in a while and a couple of weeks ago someone sent me an email on eBay asking me if I wanted a part time job helping out with their eBay business. So I applied for the job and I got it.

What they want me to do is deal with customer questions during the auctions and accept the PayPal payments into my PayPal account when the auction is over. Then I keep 10% of whatever the item sells for, and send the rest on to them. They are selling high dollar items like tractors and lawn equipment.

It's a good thing this gal came to her senses and realized this situation is a scam and decided to not get involved. Since she submitted an application for employment, hopefully she also did not provide them with any private information like her social security number to enable them to steal her identity.

In that the crooks wanted her to use her own PayPal account, and then turn around and pay them all the proceeds except for 10% they would not only commit money laundering, but also would probably not deliver any merchandise to the buyer. She would have been stuck as the responsible party for refunding the defrauded buyer. That's also not to mention the fact that she could have potentially subjected herself to a money laundering conviction, and thrown into the slammer.

If it smells phishy, 99% of the time it is, and situations such as the example above should be reported to the auction site the crooks were using for their fraudulent activity.

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