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Email Processing Work at Home Scam

When it comes to making money, greed will always steer a crook into taking money from people.

If you're looking for a work at home position, here is one to avoid. The first lesson to learn from this phishy business is the fact they are wanting to charge the telecommuter for training materials.

A legit company will never charge their telecommuters money for training materials.

The second red flag with this scam is the responsibilities of the position. They claim they will pay a person $15.00 - $20.00 to process emails, which involves copying and pasting responses into an email.

No company is going to pay someone such a high amount of money to process emails when they can utilize an autoresponder service to do so automatically, and in some cases for free.

A third red flag is their statement indicating there is no contract to sign, which is most likely because they have no intentions of paying for the so-called processed emails once they've collected the $16.00 from the person for the training materials.

What it boils down to is the fact the person is scamming individuals out of $16.00 for the so-called training materials. Don't take the crooks bait!

Cancel their phishing trip by not responding to their email if you receive the following, and better yet be sure to report them to the proper authorities!

The email below is an actual example of money laundering work from home scam!

The only change I made to their email was cleaned up their lack of capitalized words and poor spelling. Otherwise, the content has not been changed with the exception of changing their actual email address.
I just wanted to start off by thanking you for your time and interest in the position.
Basically what you would be doing is "processing" emails. This means that when someone clicks on an advertisement they will enter there contact information.
You will then receive an email with that information. In the subject line of that email it will tell you what advertisement they replied to.
You then look up in your training materials the corresponding reply. you cut and paste that reply into the email and click send.
That's it you are done. Yes it really is that simple. You will get paid 15 to 20 dollars for each "processed" email. The pay is immediate there is no waiting period whatsoever.
You are paid to your personal paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account then sign up for one free at
You will need the personal account because that one is the free account. Therefore you aren't charged anything for receiving money.

There is no website i can send you to or anything like that. I am an independent contractor just like you would be. This enables you to chose your own hours.
There is no contract to sign you simply work when you want to or when you have the time. Like any legitimate online position there is a SMALL one time fee of 16.00 USD. This is only for administrative fees.
All of your materials and training are provided to you. You are not left high and dry. In no way do I want anyone to feel miss lead.
This is legitimate, there are no hidden fees what so ever. You may begin work as soon as you receive the materials. there is no waiting period.
If you try this you are guaranteed to make money. With your first email you will have already made back your administrative fee.

I was skeptical at first just like anyone else, but i did my research and found that anything you would want to do at home requires a small fee.
So, i decided to try it, and trust me Im happy I did. I make on average 500 dollars a week. Give or take. I figured hey if I could sit in my jammies all day and make money then why the heck not. There is an unlimited amount of work.
If you are still interested simply open a paypal account and process the administrative fee.
Send the payment to scamprocessing@crooksville when you do that I will receive an email from paypal.
At that time I will send you all of the information you need to get started immediately. Thanks for your time and have a great day.
In regards to work at home email processing scams, this actual example of money laundering represents what not to get involved with!